1. Columbus Short admitted to self medicating with drugs including cocaine and alcohol.

2. Rapper Lil’ Wayne says he isn’t addicted to Codeine, but has continuous health scares that prove that he may be.

3. Michael Jackson battled a public addiction of painkillers. (PR)

4. Lamar Odom’s addiction to drugs cost him his marriage to Khloe Kardashian, ended his NBA career and caused him to slip into a coma.

5. In 2009 Paula Abdul revealed a 12 year addiction to painkillers.

6. Samuel L. Jackson was addicted to cocaine in the 80’s. He credits his wife for helping him get clean.

7. Wendy Williams has been quoted calling herself a “functioning addict”. She was addicted to cocaine during her days on the radio.

8. Eminem was addicted to pain pills. (PR)

9. T.I. has been very vocal about his addiction to drugs, crediting fellow rapper Eminem for his sobriety. (PR)

10. Naomi Campbell admitted she was a recovering cocaine user. Her addiction started in 1994. (PR)

11. Oprah admitted to being a habitual cocaine user in her 20’s, but she’d become famously known for her struggles with her food addiction. (PR)

12. Whitney Houston had a drug addiction. (PR)

Whitney Houston had a drug addiction. (PR)

13. Lindsay Lohan has spent time in rehab for cocaine, pills and an alcohol addiction. (PR)

14. Kirk Franklin was addicted to pornography (PR)

15. Terry Crews was addicted to pornography (PR)

16. Mary J. Blige was addicted to cocaine in her early 20’s. (PR)

17. Bobby Brown struggles with Alcohol abuse. (PR)

18. Chaka Khan battled alcohol and drug addiction. (PR)

19. Tiger Woods reportedly entered sex rehab for sex addiction. (PR)

20. Monifah was addicted to cocaine for 7 years, she is now clean.(PR)

21. Charles Barkley has lost over $10 million from gambling overtime. (PR)

22. Eric Benet entered a 35-day treatment in 2002 for sex addiction. (PR)

23. Michael Jordan struggled with a gambling addiction. (PR)

24. Bruno Mars battled an addiction to cocaine. (PR)

25. Nicole Richie struggled with a heroine addiction. (PR)

26. Evelyn Lozada’s ex Antoine Walker blew threw away millions of dollars due to gambling. (AP)

27. Queen Latifah had a bout with drug addiction, she also sold drugs as a young adult. (PR)

28. Kid Cudi struggled with addictions to liquid cocaine. (PR)

29. Dennis Rodman had problems with alcoholism. (PR)

30. Actress Maia Campbell was addicted to crack cocaine. (EURweb)

31. The legendary Gladys Knight struggled with a gambling addiction losing up to $45k a night. (PR)

32. Allen Iverson struggled with a gambling addiction. (AP)

33. In his memoir, Flavor Flav talks about bring addicted to drugs. He believes moving to LA saved his life.

34. Ray Charles said he became addicted to drugs at the age of 16.