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Singer Eric Benet has some thoughts on rappers and White Supremacy that Fat Joe is just feeling. If you haven ‘t heard, the other day Benet post his thoughts on Instagram saying “rich and famous” rappers that glorify the darker sides of hip-hop are proxies to white supremacy.

Of course Fat Joe, being a high profile rapper, doesn’t take kindly to Benet’s assertion. He says Benet is putting too much thought into because at the end of the day, they’re just songs. Nothing more.


A TMZ photog caught up with the veteran New York MC on Monday in Bev Hills and asked if Joe had seen Eric’s hot take on certain rap serving a nefarious purpose. Check out his response above.

Benet’s IG message said rappers who promote killing black people, degrading black women, abusing drugs, materialization or living a low life are not artists … but actual agents of white supremacy — and are being used to destroy their own race.



As we said, Fat Joe couldn’t disagree more, saying rap music is just that … music. He says it’s often used for a variety of reasons, none of which he considers to be pushing white supremacists’ agenda.

Is Fat Joe wrong? Is Eric Benet right?

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15 thoughts on “Fat Joe Disagrees With Eric Benet’s Comment That Rap Is Destroying Black People

  1. No different than black lives matter not truly helping the community I don’t see them holding rallies in the inner cities of Chicago got to stop destroying and killing each other first because that happens way more than a cop shooting a black man which is totally wrong but it starts in our communities why should anyone take BLM seriously when we as a people don’t

  2. Dee Cee on said:

    I respect what Mr. Benet said, BUUUUT, the man that ADMITTED to cheating on his AA Queen, Halle Berry, is gonna “give a sermon from the pulpit” on rap degrading women???!!! HUH, WHAT?? So he ain’t gonna call you a degrading name, but he is gonna treat you like one…

  3. Robin Brown on said:

    Wow how true Eric Benet is. I was just talking about the lady who was trying to stop this degrading of our culture and women. I am not against rap music but you can clean it up and start being positive with it and it will be just as good. my grandchildren can not listen to the foul music in my house. don’t get me wrong I love music but I am from the old school when music was positive and about love and loving your partner and trying to get her back and forgiveness. that is what I play in my house and on my phone. bring back that good old music and young people listen and compare, you are missing out. it is destroying us. I understand the rap singing about their life but just clean it up, if you are educated that will take you a long way in life. thank you Eric for me, my granddaughters and great grands and our women as a whole.

  4. Am an South African and honestly I agree with Eric.It’s not affecting only African American as our brothers down here adopted the system.We got so many rappers and mostly doing the same.Yes we do like music but it’s something that you can listen with your kids if you are polite in mind.Abuse of drugs it’s their culture,insults/swearing of women is their way to fit in.

  5. Linwood on said:

    Its..not just Mu$ic, if it comes WITH lyrics..We..are all.. made in GODs Likeness…GOD,created this World, with is MOUTH (LET THEIR BE LIGHT) OUR WORDS HAVE POWER..WATCH WHAT YOU SAY..

  6. tedgravely on said:

    Fat Joe is reaping the benefits of denigrating women and glorifying mess. The young black people in the inner cities sing along and dream while Fat Joe laughs all the way to the bank. Ain’t nothing going to change until black parents stop co signing this garbage. C. Delores Tucker in the early 80s called out the sexually explicit lyrics in rap and hip-hop tracks, citing a concern that the lyrics were misogynistic and threatened the moral foundation of the African American community. So what happened- 2PAC rapped “C. Delores Tucker you’s a muthasucka / Instead of trying to help a ni&&@ you destroy a brother.” Also reference her in “Wonda Why They Call U Byt$@.” The Album of course charted #1 and won several awards. California Love was a Party Starter, but people cheered a brother that took a shot at our sister. My parents forbid me to purchase that album, and I got over it. Eric Benét can talk all he wants, but the community has to make the changes. Instead of another movie/documentary about Pac and Biggie, do one on that sister.

  7. DSmith on said:

    Eric is right.. Just like the drug dealers & blacks killing blacks destroying black race but when you speak up against you’re a sell out!!

    • African American Woman on said:

      Unfortunately, you’re right…too many of us have been brainwashed to blame the blame the white man for EVERYTHING while we continue to spiral downward. It’s a huge and destructive responsibility issue.

  8. Negative/Women Bashing Rap Music has had an affect on the African American community.
    Back in the day when there were far more FEMALE rappers in the game, i.e. MC Lyte, Queen Latifah, etc., the Rap music was light and more positive. It had a message.

    Not so today. It seems as though artists of color have SOLD THEIR SOULS to the record company honchos who DON’T GIVE A SHIT ABOUT US in the first place.

    Male rappers now seem to be INTIMIDATED by female rappers, therefore, you seldom hear
    any female rappers anymore.

    white folks KNOW HOW TO PLAY US AGAINST ONE ANOTHER. Rap Music/Hip Hop is just another example.

  9. African American Woman on said:

    I don’t agree that it’s a white supremacy issue; again, this is an us issue…rap these days is a kick in the ass to all black people by other black people all in the name of money. I cannot and never will understand black people who listen to and celebrate that CRAP! Its not just music; its a self-hating anthem that too many os us accept as normal…add that too single parenthood, shootings and all other forms of disrespect we heap onto others of us and you have a perfect storm of a permanent, self-destructive underclass…please don’t tell me well white people listen to rap too…WHO GIVES a DAMN what they do…its unimportant and won’t save s! As long as too many of us keep focusing on and blaming the white man for all of our ills; we will continue a downward free fall to nothingness. There’s no way in hell ANY black person should be supporting our OWN tearing us down one rhyme at time…wake up folks; we are being destroyed from within…we don’t need any other races to destroy us…we are doing a bang up job on our own…thank you Eric Benet.

  10. ResponsibilityInControl on said:

    Thank You Eric Benet for taking a stand and saying what needed to be said. This music or entertainment is what is promoting the very violence that is plaguing the African American community. Crabs in a bucket, rapping about robbing and killing each other. Funny how they are not rapping about going to college or getting legitimate jobs or taking care of they kids. And not to mention the disgusting names they call African American women, they are making it ok or acceptable for women to be called hoes, thots and other degrading names. This music is destructive.

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