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On his 53rd b'day, Diddy comes full-circle to his Puff Daddy moniker as new owner of Creso Labs - now the largest Black-owned cannabis brand.

From Pyer Moss to DeBosé, take a look at these 5 Black-owned sneaker brands that are definitely worth spending your money on.

Although this is the strangest Black Friday that many of us will experience in a long time due to the pandemic – it isn’t stopping retailers from hosting Black Friday sales or from people going out (or online) to shop. Here are five Black businesses you can support on Black Friday: HAIR & BEAUTY  TAILORED […]


Darlyng & Co., a lifestyle kids brand, has become the first Black-owned family business to be featured in a national advertising campaign launched by Amazon. The national campaign ran on broadcast TV on major networks as well as across online and social media channels. Darlyng & Co. was also featured in a commercial on Amazon Storefronts, […]

Washington, D.C. has lost its only black-owned funeral parlor to gentrification, after 80 years in the district. The Hall Brothers Funeral Home only handled four funerals last year, a low caused by locals being driven out by gentrification, per NBC News. The parlor’s owner, 77-year-old Richard Ables, says of the neighborhood: “If we saw a white person, we’d […]

Napa Valley’s first Black-owned winery has kicked off a long-term partnership with Delta Air Lines. Brown Estate wines was founded in 1996 and is located in the heart of wine country—Napa Valley, California. The company is run by siblings Deneen, David and Coral, and they have partnered with the airline to be featured in the winter menu aboard domestic […]

Furloughed Sisters Nikki Howard and Jaqi Wright turned an unfortunate situation into a full fledged business. Both sisters are furloughed as a result of the government shutdown and are now working for themselves. The idea for the business came when Nikki made a cheesecake for their church’s New Years Eve party. Jaqi says it was […]

Why is it that Black owned businesses don’t merge? Glenn Beck’s The Blaze and Mark Levin’s CRTV merged on Monday to create a new conservative TV network and it got Roland Martin‘s mind working. The last time he can recall Black media companies merged to create a mega company was in the 90’s. Martin wants to […]

Here’s a new way for guys and the men in your life to keep looking fresh and on point. The Harrison Blake Apparel is a men’s fashion business that specializes in accessories like ties and bow ties, according to Black Owned by Richard Taylor, the company makes subscription boxes filled with apparel and accessory […]

Entrepreneur Dawn Dickinson has created a vending machine that allows anyone to pay for things with their face. That definitely tops a fingerprint scanner. reports that Dickinson got her start as a hardware manufacturer making machines for her personal shoe brand. Other entrepreneurs began seeing her machine and asked her to actually market and sell […]

Exercising is always a good thing. It’s good for your body and it can help your mental health. With the holiday season in full swing thinking about getting in shape or staying in shape looms in the background after all the good food you eat. Naturally, after eating all that food some people feel bad […]

Get to know these 10 Black Owned Lingerie Brands just in time for Valentine's Day