Roland Martin: ‘We Need More Black Owned Businesses With Scale’


Why is it that Black owned businesses don’t merge?

Glenn Beck’s The Blaze and Mark Levin’s CRTV merged on Monday to create a new conservative TV network and it got Roland Martin‘s mind working. The last time he can recall Black media companies merged to create a mega company was in the 90’s.

Martin wants to know why Black media, and companies in general operate as a bunch of smaller entities instead of combining to make larger stronger companies. Putting our resources together is key to the survival of Black media and businesses he says.

By the year 2043 the United States will be a “majority minority country,” and his biggest feat is that “African American’s will be asking others to tell our story.”

To ensure that doesn’t happen we need not “Black targeted media” but “Black Owned media.” Most importantly we don’t need more Black owned businesses, “we need more Black owned businesses with scale.”



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One thought on “Roland Martin: ‘We Need More Black Owned Businesses With Scale’

  1. Roland please keep keeping us informed about important issues. Keep bringing the straight talk with no chaser. I’d love to hear your opinion on society pushing everyone to go to college……when it’s clearly a waste for around 50% of people that go to college. It’s become a money making scheme and in the end most end up with HUGE college debt, and mediocre paying jobs. To be clear I’m not referring to people that are on track to become a doctor, attorney, nurse, school teacher, techy tech, engineer, etc. Someone needs to tell the truth and help stop giving millions of youth false hope of (a college degree meaning a perfect life)

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