Entrepreneur Dawn Dickinson has created a vending machine that allows anyone to pay for things with their face. That definitely tops a fingerprint scanner.

Businesswoman.org reports that Dickinson got her start as a hardware manufacturer making machines for her personal shoe brand. Other entrepreneurs began seeing her machine and asked her to actually market and sell it so that they could use it for their own business.

Her company Pop Com focuses on making, “smart vending machines and kiosks that provide valuable analytics.” Along with building the machine, Dickinson created the software that works to gather analytics.

Using biometric payments, her machines are able to scan faces and use that information to pull up more information. She is definitely paving the road to the future with this new technology.

To learn more about Dickinson and her business, find her on Facebook or her websites www.dawndickson.com or www.popcom.shop.

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(Source: Businesswoman.org)

(Photo Credit: Instagram)

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6 thoughts on “Entrepreneur Invents Machine That Let’s You Pay With Your Face

    • Tumbletee on said:

      She may have thought about this already. It could be that you would have to get a new face scan every few years similar to a driver’s license or passport.

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