With music generations growing further and further apart, is lyricism as it relates to hip-hop specifically becoming a lost art form?

Our girl TJ told us a "cautionary" tale of meeting disgraced R&B veteran R. Kelly, and it led to a deeper conversation about cancel culture.

Amanda, Supreme and TJ break down how "Black" they're feeling this week, in the process proving just how diverse our people really are!

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Our resident "Blistorian" and culture queen Kimberly Renee dropped a Black History lesson on John Berry Meachum's 'Floating Freedom School.'

On this episode of Small Doses with Amanda Seales, community organizer Richie Reseda dials in to discuss prison feminism. Richie Reseda is a social entrepreneur, abolitionist and artist delivering feminist programming to incarcerated men. Having spent seven years in prison for armed robbery, the Los Angeles native found his calling as a community organizer. Reseda […] The post Small Doses with Amanda Seales: Richie Reseda And The Side Effects Of Prison Feminism appeared first on NewsOne.

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Changes being made on the board of trustees at Tennessee State University paved way for some TSU talk on 'The Amanda Seales Show' today.

Sen. Tom Cotton's racial ethics were questioned after a baseless grilling of TikTok CEO Shou Zi Chew on being Chinese and ties to Communism.

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