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Is nepotism fair, or are the rest of us just a bunch of big haters?

Better yet, does nepotism have an equal sting when the ones at the top are Black? We explore the culturally taboo subject below in our latest discussion here on The Amanda Seales Show.



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Amanda, TJ and Supreme gave their honest and humble opinions on why it is (or isn’t!) an issue on a bigger scale. On one hand, you’ve got people getting jobs based on their familial connections that probably wouldn’t be qualified otherwise; on the other hand, you have Blue Ivy Carter making her (voice) acting debut in Disney’s upcoming CGI/live-action film, Mufasa: The Lion King, with no prior acting skills and strictly based on being the daughter of Beyoncé and Jay-Z. Is it right to praise one while chastising the other? Let’s talk about it!

Get into the topic of Black nepotism below here on The Amanda Seales Show: