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Black Twitter was appalled by an early version of Tuesday’s New York Times print publication that wrongly identified Angela Bassett as former Trump adviser, Omarosa Manigault-Newman.

On Tuesday morning, the newspaper published a photo of Rachel Brosnahan receiving the award for lead actress in a comedy series at the Emmy Awards. The award was presented by Tiffany Haddish and Bassett, who were both featured in the shot.

But Bassett, 60, was identified as the former White House aide. Manigault-Newman, 44, wasn’t even present at the ceremony on Monday evening.

The actress responded to the oversight by taking to Twitter to share an Olivia Pope “Handled” GIF and writing: “Hey Everybody, no worries!” Bassett wrote. “xoAng”

Bassett’s tweet came after the Times acknowledged their mistake. “We regret running an incorrect caption from a photo wire service in some early print editions,” the outlet tweeted from its communications account. “We will issue a correction in tomorrow’s paper.”

Still, the error upset many across social media.

“It’s not just that NY Times misidentified Angela Bassett as Omarosa. It’s that someone who has a job on the photo desk of the NY Times can’t tell Angela Bassett and Omarosa apart,” a Twitter user wrote. “That should be a basic requirement in that job.”

Another user called for more diversity in the newsroom.

“Really, The New York Times…? If they had no one who could tell the difference between the two, then they really, really need to step up diversity in their newsroom….” she tweeted.

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4 thoughts on “Angela Bassett Has Chill Response To Being Misidentified As Omarosa By New York Times

  1. In my humble opinion ! Mrs Omarosa would do more goodthings to the minorities to urge them: when many of them are in any position sothey do not get too zealous,rather develop their competency to better perform their tasks instead of alwayswanting to be seen as a volunteer, movie stars, and stop using underwear andsandals in the streets and in public places. – versint

  2. tedgravely on said:

    Angel is simply “Bad.” That is one beautiful and dignified woman. She isn’t worried. It’s a ignorant mistake, but Omarosa is easy on the eyes as well. Yep. In my eyes, both lovely women. It’s America people. Stupidity reigns in these news sites.

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