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A lotta people, including us, have wondered for years if Katt Williams is totally wrapped tight. Yeah, he’s a comedian and crazy as hell, but is he OK in the normal sense?

We ask because dude spent the weekend talking crazy ish about Tiffany Haddish, Kevin Hart and several other comedians. However, he was especially brutal when speaking on Haddish.

Well, apparently he came to his senses (as far as Haddish is concerned) after dissing her badly on the “Frank and Wanda” radio show last week in Atlanta. That’s because he was seen kneeling for the comedy princess at the Emmys last night. Who knows? Maybe it was Haddish’s move to go the Michelle Obama route in response to his diss that may have made Katt see the light.


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Like we said, who knows?! In any event, Haddish posted a series of snaps Monday at the award show which show Katt taking a knee before her in deference … and then the two of them posing together happily.

It appears the two comedians are good now after Katt questioned Tiffany’s comedy chops this past Friday. You’ll recall … he said Tiffany hadn’t proven herself as a touring comedian … and insinuated that she only blew up after saying she wanted to sleep with Brad Pitt. Harsh stuff, but that all seems to be water under a bridge now.

Tiffany said she couldn’t wait to see Katt at the Emmys, where they each picked up their respective awards. In her response tweet to his original nasty comments about her, she elaborated by saying she just wanted “to shower (him) with REAL Love cause you need it, and I Love you.”





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