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Omarosa Manigault Newman has a book to sell and she has been in a serious of “poised” interviews. However, the reality star went completely unhinged during an interview on The Clay Cane Show on Sirius XM Urban View. Cane asked tough but fair questions, which the reality star attempted to dance around. One was about award-winning journalist April Ryan.

Last month, Ryan claimed that Omarosa attempted to get her fired from being a White House correspondent, saying, “She tried to kill my career. A divorced single mother with kids.” The reality star alleged Ryan received money from the Clinton campaign.

Journalist and author Cane asked the former White House aide if it was true that she tried to get Ryan fired. A testy Omarosa replied, “The emails came out that showed that she was um, in conversation about being paid by the Clinton campaign. I didn’t come out with that. That came out in the emails with the WikiLeaks. Facts, facts. I sent an email to her privately and said, ‘Look at what came out on WikiLeaks, protect yourself.’ That’s what she’s talking about. So, let’s go to facts.”

She also took an unnecessary dig at Ryan’s book, Under Fire saying, “I heard she has a project out. I haven’t seen much about it. I mean, God bless her. Hopefully people will read it.”

Cane pressed her again, asking, “So you weren’t trying to get her fired at any point?”

Omarosa claimed that was “so ignorant.” She continued, “She is the White House Correspondent for a news organization. I mean, it’s just so — I don’t even know how to respond to such, you know — the perception of ignorance that only her company would deem whether or not she’s doing her job or not. Not me. I mean, it’s surprising she gives me that much power in her life. But I didn’t have that power, nor was she even on my radar at all. I like her. So I hope that people find some benefit in the stuff that she’s saying. But I think if you look at our two projects, our books came out around the same time. I’m number one on the Best Seller’s list.”

In an earlier part of the interview she refused to knock Diamond and Silk‘s “hustle,” but she was despicable enough to attack April Ryan. Listen to the clip of the interview here.

Ryan heard the interview and slammed Omarosa on Twitter, writing, “Omarosa you are a liar you called my Boss to get me fired after our altercation and you instructed Sean spicer to stop calling on me. You were actively complicit! Can you say minister-Liar? No cookout or Wakanda Ticket for you!” See below:

Also, in case you missed it, Omarosa went ballistic on Cane later in the interview, after she tried to dance around his questions and turned the interview on him by asking, “So what’s your point?”

She clearly wasn’t prepared for his answer. Cane calmly replied, “I don’t believe you. I don’t believe that you went in there saying you were going to help, thinking you were going to help Black people. I believe that you knew he was a con artist and I believe you’re a con artist as well and I believe that you were being an opportunist.”

Omarosa went unhinged. She called him gutter, ignorant, said he had a Jheri curl and ended the interview by calling him a bitch. This is the Omarosa we have seen for 15 years and thankfully someone finally pushed her with tough questions to show her true self.

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