Mike Bivins & Ronnie DeVoe: ‘We Are New Edition Forever’


There have been rumors that New Edition is over but Mike Bivins and Ronnie DeVoe are putting that rumor to rest exclaiming, “we are New Edition for life.”

So, what’s up with RBRM? The duo explained on the Tom Joyner Morning Show that after the New Edition movie Ronnie, Bobby, Ricky and Mike agreed that they wanted to mash all of their hits and tour together as RBRM.

The four haven’t been able to work out the time in their busy schedules to go on a full tour just yet; but new music is on the way.  They hit the studio in L.A. and laid down a track that Ronnie is pretty excited about, “oh my God It’s so up tempo, it’s crazy we can’t wait for y’all to hear that one!”

Bell Biv DeVoe will be performing at the Allstate Tom Joyner Family Reunion on Saturday, September 1.

New Edition Rocks The Fantastic Voyage
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2 thoughts on “Mike Bivins & Ronnie DeVoe: ‘We Are New Edition Forever’

  1. #N.E4Life on said:

    Come on fellows your fans are awaiting you guys to get it together and give us what we have been waiting for years, we deserve to have all six of you guys together. I understand you guys have different things going ,but all of y’all fans have supported y’all every step of the way.It time you be the mens you are and smash the beef you got, if there’s any. Don’t let a bond that you guys established when you where kids be ruin over something so petty, you guys are blessed to have each other in your lives. Remember no one get kicked or voted out of some as big as New Edition.You guys are always gonna be the Original some may duplicate but they can never imitate.#N.E4Life……

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