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What’s going on in the world of boy bands? It seems as though the personnel of at least two are changing up. Fans of 112 noticed that the quartet has been making appearances without Q and Deron. Slim and Mike have performed with two dancers and didn’t have much to say about whether or not they would all perform as a quartet in the future. So far, no word from Q or Deron.

Despite the smash success of their BET mini-series and their triumphant 2017 BET Awards performance with the actors who played them, it appears all is not copacetic in New Edition Land. Ronnie, Bobby, Ricky and Mike have announced that they will not be performing as New Edition anymore and will hit the road without Johnny Gill and Ralph Tresvant.


It’s obvious the new New Edition (RBRM) isn’t featuring its legendary lead singers, Ralph Tresvant and Johnny Gill. But, for these guys, breaking apart and doing their own things on the side is nothing new. Remember, they all briefly reunited as a full six-man group in 1996 for the album Home Again and had planned a tour before breaking up a second time. On the other hand, they’ve also toured on-and-off ever since then, but it doesn’t sound like everyone could agree to come together one last time.

Michael Bivins acknowledged the tension in the group recently, saying that he understands why New Edition fans are frustrated.

“We all felt like the victim at times in our long career and sometimes it rears its head at the wrong time, Bivins said. “Last year was God’s time for us to smell our roses and to do what we do best -entertain.

“Family business is family business and I know y’all need answers on why ish is not going down,” he added.

But as yet, no answers have come.

According to theJasminebrand, the RBRM tour opens in Atlanta on May 18.




‘The New Edition Story’ TV Series Screening
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8 thoughts on “Boy Band Breakdown: 112 And New Edition Shed Members

  1. Gregory on said:

    I’m not surprised about break up s in bands nowadays.The ego is a cancer to any kind of relationship even bands and groups.

  2. Shawn on said:

    This is truly HEARTBREAKING… My Sisters and I have been waiting to see when they will be in concert. I don’t want to see some of them. I want to see them all 😞😞

  3. Dray Montgomery on said:

    Its sad these brothers couldnt seize the moment following tbe success of the NE mini series and tbe number 1 single from Johnny Gills project. NO ONE is really seen much sucess on there own and whats NE without RALPH….

    thats peanut butter with out the jelly.. stop wasting time fellas and figure it out.

  4. Calvin Hooks on said:

    Come on fellows this not the guys who fought so hard to get to the top the ones who brooke took to the top

  5. Brenda on said:

    Yes guys remember the brotherhood y’all have from young that alone should come to an understanding the love y’all have for each other inspite of, having each other back FAMILY what is the bottom line come on guys I’m counting you all in. Love you guys will keep you in prayers GodBless y’all

  6. Lisa Davis on said:

    Come on you guys your Fan’s are waiting you all should be able to agree and disagree and come together with a solution. Praying for you all to become as one the best group ever. Love you guys

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