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When Is Your Cold Or Flu Contagious?

You’ve been coughing and sneezing for a couple days now. Are your symptoms contagious to others? How can you tell if you should just stay…

How To Handle A Flu Emergency

What is a flu emergency? Normally, people recover from the flu after within a week or two. But sometimes, the flu can lead to dangerous…

5 Foods That Cure Belly Bloat

Fact: Slimming down takes time and dedication. And when a woman does make the commitment to putting in all the necessary time and work to…


How To Avoid The Freshmen 15

College is an exciting time – many get their first taste of freedom and independence – but for some it also means gaining weight.

The Surprising Benefits of Yogurt

Many African Americans avoid milk and dairy products because they believe they are lactose intolerant. But if you have prediabetes research shows avoiding dairy can…

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