Soulja Boy is beyond angry at DJ Vlad, going onto his Instagram Live to express his disgust that the media interviewer would contact the people that tried to rob him in 2008.

Former B2K frontman Omarion decided to make more than a few of his fans happy by officially announcing that The Millennium Tour 2021 will commence starting this fall.

It seems like Soulja Boy has some explaining to do. A former employee of his is now accusing him of some slimy behavior.


Soulja Boy, who always has a way of making some money, somehow found himself in the soap game at exactly the right time--which is just so very Soulja Boy.


Omarion has stunned fans with his surprise announcement that he’ll be hitting the road next year for another edition of The Millennium Tour, but he’s leaving his B2K bandmates behind. Omarion teased The Millennium Tour 2020 via an Instagram post featuring co-headliner Bow Wow. They will be joined on tour by Pretty Ricky, Lloyd, Sammie, The Ying Yang Twins, […]

He’s a free man! Soulja Boy was released from prison early on good behavior. Meanwhile Suge Knight and A$AP Rocky are still locked up. Suge probably is wodering why he didn’t come up with a song like “Crank Dat,”maybe they liked the song so much they let Soulja Boy out. Still no word on when […]


Soulja Boy is gettin’ ripped off and doesn’t even know it. Or should we say Soulja Boy WAS ripped off and doesn’t know it because he’s sitting in a jail cell for probation violation. Yep, the “Crank That” rapper’s house was burglarized shortly after he was dragged off to lock-down and check this … the […]


Floyd Mayweather says he will continue to rock Gucci in spite of the blackface controversy and the famed boxer proved his loyalty to luxury brands by hitting up Neiman Marcus and reportedly dropping over $500K. The famed fashion house is at the center of a furious firestorm surrounding what many deemed to be racist imagery of […]


Soulja Boy hit up “The Breakfast Club” this week where he popped off about why Meek Mill is receiving all the praise for having the biggest comeback of the year rather than himself. The conversation became quite amusing when he also accused Drake of ripping him off, claiming he taught the Canadian singer/rapper “everything he knows.” Watch his […]

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Three weeks after the launch, Soulja Boy’s SouljaGame console and handhelds have been pulled from his online store, in spite of his claim that he inked deals with game publishers. Prior to pulling the plug on the products, the rapper bragged online that his consoles come pre-loaded with thousands of games from companies like Nintendo, Sony, Square […]

Soulja Boy has gotten himself into yet another feud… this time it involves his family, reports. While he can’t be bothered dropping any hit records, the rapper has been making headlines for another reason lately… for his beefs with rappers and people within the industry. You recall that he sparked a feud with singer […]