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Three weeks after the launch, Soulja Boy’s SouljaGame console and handhelds have been pulled from his online store, in spite of his claim that he inked deals with game publishers.

Prior to pulling the plug on the products, the rapper bragged online that his consoles come pre-loaded with thousands of games from companies like Nintendo, Sony, Square and Bandai, reports.

But the devices are no longer available on his website. What caused him to pull the systems is unknown, but Soulja Boy acknowledged in a tweet: “I had to boss up, I didn’t have a choice.”

A week prior, he reportedly said in a since-deleted post that his consoles were “legit” and here to stay for the long run.

“For anyone who thinks that Nintendo is going to sue me you’re retarded,” he tweeted. “Nothings going to happen everything is legit. My console isn’t going anywhere trust me.”

As noted by Page Six, news of the consoles being pulled didn’t come as a surprise for many gamers. One Twitter user posted, “It wasn’t even his console. Its a Chinese knockoff that he bought wholesale.”

“Of course, given Nintendo’s history, it seems unlikely that a deal was struck to license titles to what appears to amount to a rebranded emulator,” TechCrunch writes.

GamesRadar reported that the SouljaGame consoles appeared to be similar to the previously released devices from Abernic.