There’s a big Mayoral race taking place in Montgomery, Alabama right now. This race is huge because they have the chance to elect their first Black Mayor. Montgomery is one of only three cities in six deep south states with a population of 100,000 or more that has not had a Black Mayor. Martin’s guest, […]

Cassandra Nelson and Donnell Cross were two strangers who met in Walmart, and now they’ve gone viral as a singing sensation. Roland Martin came across the video after Common posted it to his Instagram. Since it was posted it has received 500,000 views! The craziest part of this story is that the video was recorded […]

HBCUs are an important part of Black culture and Roland Martin along with the TJMS are huge advocates. Martin talks to President and CEO of the United Negro College Fund (UNCF), Dr. Michael Lomax about “The Future Act,” which has been a tremendous help for HBCUs. “The Future Act,” is going before congress and because […]

Roland Martin says there has been a 30 Plus year attack on Labor Unions. But times are changing and now 64% of Americans believe labor unions play a huge part in working class America. Martin talks to Lee Saunders, President of AFSCME about the state of Unions and 2020. Saunders says “we are reengaging with […]

We’re headed into an election year and debates are a huge part of that. This Thursday and Friday 10 Democratic candidates will be on Texas Southern University’s campus for a debate that will be broadcast live by ABC. Roland Martin talks to Dr. Austin Lane, president of Texas Southern who says they,”have actually been at this […]

The Bahamas is suffering after being pummeled by Hurricane Dorian. Many people have lost their homes and been displaced, while many more are still missing. For people who have lost contact with family in the Bahamas, this is stressful. Roland Martin talks to two people who are in the Bahamas about what is going on […]

The Atlanta Public Schools cheating scandal refers to the accusation that teachers and principals in the Atlanta Public Schools district cheated on state-administered standardized tests in 2009 and to the trial in 2014-2015. Roland Martin talks to Jodi Gomes, who produced the documentary about the situation called “One Child Left Behind.” Gomes says that Criterion-Referenced Competency Tests […]

Everyone was stunned this weekend when the Indianapolis Colts starting Quarterback, Andrew Luck, announced his retirement during the pre season game against the Bears. Roland Martin talks to former NFL star Brian Mitchell who says he understands why Luck decided to retire, but he’s confused at the same time. Luck explained that he decided to […]

In August of 1619, the first 20 or so Africans arrived on the shores of Virginia marking the beginning of the transatlantic slave trade in America. This week makes 400 years, and Roland Martin says there are a number of events going on this week to commemorate the day. He talks to Gloria Brown Marshall […]

Netflix has so many great documentaries and Roland Martin came across one that he found scary. “The Family,” on Netflix is about a group that’s older than 80 years old. The group is all about power and control and they do so by using the teachings of Jesus. “It’s scary to watch,” Roland says. The […]

Conversations around gun control have been being had all across the country. Roland says, “we’ve had more mass shootings this year than we’ve had days of the year.” Like many of us, Roland wants to know if we’re ever going to see any gun control. His guest, Shannon Watts, works with an organization called “Moms […]

Back in 2017 Taylor Dumpson, was sworn in as American University’s first Black student body president; the very next day bananas were found hanging on nooses around campus. But, the harassment didn’t stop there. Dumpson became the target of neo-nazi site The Daily Stormer. Roland Martin talks to Kristen Clarke of the Lawyers’ Committee for […]