A recent study says that black girls benefit less from exercise than white girls. Roland Martin explores the subject with celebrity trainer Jeanette Jenkins.  

A recent study says that if a Black person is shot and killed in Florida, then 73% of the time, the killer will get off. Roland Martin talks to Ben Montgomery of the Tampa Bay Times about the "Stand Your Ground" law in Florida.  

Roland Martin talks with Congresswoman Gwen Moore about the "spin" in the reporting of the Wisconsin election.

Omari Todd talks with Roland Martin about the lack of African- American male teachers. How it affects our communities, why it is necessary to have more, and what can be done to encourage people to teach.

Roland Martin talks with Congressman John Lewis about his book "ACROSS THAT BRIDGE: voting rights, and NATO"

It must be intimidating to enter into the LPGA after having such a successful career in college. Yet alone being the niece of one of the most infamous golf players in the world, Tiger Woods. Roland Martin talks with Cheyenne Woods about her upcoming start in the LPGA, expectations, and her famous uncle

Over this past weekend in Chicago, 40 people were shot leaving 10 dead. Roland Martin talks with Senator Reverend James Meeks about this outburst in violence and what can be done to limit it. Meeks says African American boys ages 16-26, who are highschool dropouts, and unemployed are the crux of the problem.  He urges […]

Roland Martin talks with Florida special prosecutor Angela Cory. Cory fired back against critics of the Marissa Alexander case today on TJMS. She urges people to know the right facts and is not backing down from her prosecution which is sending Alexander to prison for 20 years.

ROLAND MARTIN talks about congress not getting anything right.

Roland Martin speaks with NBA great and Mayor of Sacramento, Kevin Johnson about creating Green Jobs and the keeping the Kings in Sacramento.

I think one of the things that makes the TJMS work is that, like a real family, we bring a variety of personalities, talents and flaws to the table, yet we accept our differences and roll with them. It only becomes a problem when one of our actions – or lack thereof – begins to […]

Roland discusses racial issues with the Southern Baptist and Trayvon Martin case.