Former-yet-forever-favorite President Barack Obama has officially spoken out on the heartbreaking attack on Ukraine by way of Russia, and he's letting it be known that Russian President Vladimir Putin's cruel actions simply cannot be tolerated.

At this point Russ says nothing is surprising anymore. What its happening is that Trump and his people are trying to prevent folks from testifying so that he can lie his way out of this drama. The Ukraine surrendered to Russia last night. Thousands of people died and people are protesting. Ukraine ended up surrendering […]

The White House is really good at keeping secrets. Especially the ones about Trump and Putin’s relationship. Elijah Cummings requested the documents regarding their “secret meetings” so the public can know what they discussed but they will not turn them over. If you want anything to remain a secret tell the White House staff, they’ll […]

Donald Trump‘s use of the N word has been all over the news lately. Omarosa is threatening to release the tapes and his team aren’t exactly denying that he said the word. What if this is the same tape that Putin has on him and it’s him asking these N words to “pee on me?” […]

Putin was called out for trying to hack the Democrats, again. Our top intelligence chiefs were quite clear in their statements, “the number one threat to our democracy is Russia.” But of course, the orange man doesn’t agree with them, he thinks that the number one threat to America is, “black athletes, the news, and […]

In his latest stunt, Trump decided to invite Putin to the White House. Does “Agent Orange” know that by inviting Putin and his men to the White House, that he has to give them the blueprint to the white house? “Bring him to the Waffle House!” Putin can’t be trusted with that sort of sensitive information. […]

DL has known a lot of liars and they act just like Trump. Donald Trump is obviously under the influence of Vladimir Putin and no one is saying anything. His approval ratings have gone up, after he put kids in cages, after whatever went down in Helsinki, after he publicly sided with Russia, people still […]

In light of Trump’s recent actions, Huggy has been creating new prayers, “Don’t forgive them father for they know just what they do,” and “Money is the root of all republicans.” Trump has been tweeting again, he’s threatened Iran and gone off about NFL players taking a knee. Well let’s make a deal, “we’ll stand […]

President Donald Trump has invited Russian President Vladimir Putin to the White House this fall for a second get-together, even as cleanup from the first continues with no letup. A White House meeting would be a dramatic extension of legitimacy to the Russian leader, who has long been isolated by the West for activities in […]

Donald Trump went from Being Putin’s best friend, to trying to clean up his act, back to being Putin’s best friend. When he gave his speech claiming to have previously misspoken it looked as if he were an elementary school student reading in front of the class. Russ says that nothing about that speech seemed […]

Rev. Al Sharpton says that there are some major issues with Trump. One of the most obvious is that he isn’t prepared to be president. The second being that he publicly sided with the enemy and the third being that he claimed to have meant to say the opposite of what he said. Trump said […]

  WASHINGTON (AP) — Blistered by bipartisan condemnation of his embrace of a longtime U.S. enemy, President Donald Trump strained Tuesday to “clarify” his public undermining of American intelligence agencies, saying he simply misspoke when he said he saw no reason to believe Russia had interfered in the 2016 U.S. election. Rebuked as never before […]