If you’ve been on the Fantastic Voyage before then you know – you better bring some suitcases. No, not one suitcase but a full Mariah Carey-diva-like suitcase set or sets because you will need a more than a few for your cruise outfits. So insider tip: save up those baggage fees in advance! One of […]

Cozumel, baby! The Fantastic Voyage sailed on down the coast to Mexico where the big event for the day was the Beach Party. Well, at least that was the big event off the ship. On the ship, for the 24 finalists of the on-board Tyler Perry auditions, today was the nail-biting, nerve-wracking day where they […]

Jamaica, Jamaica! The Fantastic Voyage docked in Montego Bay, Jamaica for its first stop on land. And some folks took full advantage, heading out to partake in the sights, sounds and souvenirs that Jamaica offers. Cruisers headed to the beaches, the mountains and Margaritaville, the restaurant chain made famous by singer Jimmy Buffett. The Wolf […]

Let me share a very important piece of advice for potential Fantastic Voyage travelers. Do you currently own just one or two pieces of luggage? Are you one of those light packing, ‘I don’t want to pay baggage fees’ type of people? Because if so, you’re going to have to make some changes. One, have […]

The Fantastic Voyage 2017 is underway. They’re having so much fun onboard we needed two photo galleries to keep up. Check out Pt. 2!

Whooo hoooo! The Fantastic Voyage 2017 is underway and cruisers, as usual are having the time of their lives. This year’s performance lineup is among the best ever – from Bobby Brown to R. Kelly to Ice Cube and more. We’re checking in with the cruise via social media and here’s what we’ve seen so […]