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Whooo hoooo! The Fantastic Voyage 2017 is underway and cruisers, as usual are having the time of their lives. This year’s performance lineup is among the best ever – from Bobby Brown to R. Kelly to Ice Cube and more. We’re checking in with the cruise via social media and here’s what we’ve seen so far.

1. Being on the cruise is no excuse not to get your workout on.

2. Slick Rick moved the crowd.


Eva gets it in at the Hip Hop and Heels event.

4. Okay Ms. Thing!

5. Artist Ted Ellis creates and original work of Anthony Hamilton to be auctioned off!

6. This cruise is full of lovely ladies like Claudia Jordan, c’mon fellas where’s your hot pics?

7. Entertainment reporter Jawn Murray sippin’

8. This guy Damon Williams is everywhere!

9. Port of call Belize.

10. It’s the haaaaaardest working man in show business!

11. Rance Elgin meets up with the one and only MJB.

12. You’d be jumping for joy too, if you were in Belize.

13. Is Tito Jackson the most underrated Jackson?

14. This cruise meal looks delicious!

15. Shaun King and his wife are ready for Mardi Gras night.

16. Now this is what a cruise is all about.

17. Fantasia, you work it girl.

18. Damon Williams with the Sugar Hill Gang and Kool Moe Dee.

19. This lady is #bodygoals.

20. The Hamiltones are ready to saaaaaaaaang!

21. It’s Mardi Gras night and this sister took it very seriously.

22. Ain’t black love grand?

23. Not sure what Sherri Shepherd and Roland Martin are doing except for having some fun!

24. Tom gets down with Larry Graham.

25. Larry Graham, bass man extraordinaire.

26. Trina, Ms. Katrina (Unofficial Fantastic Voyage ambassador) and friend

27. The view from the ship – don’t you want to ride?

28. Sherri Shepherd is having a blast!

29. Ladies first…

30. Mary J. Blige blesses the cruise with her soulful sound.

31. Mr. Graham and his matching bass.

32. Tom, don’t forget about your day job!

33. The ribbon cutting ceremony on the Fantastic Voyage Art Gallery opening.

34. Come get your uncle he’s having too much fun!

35. HBCU’s in the house…or on the ship…

36. Sherry Shepherd with Jay Barnett

37. Tuskegee had to be there, of course! It’s Tom’s alma mater.

38. Howard U. folks are everywhere, aren’t they?

39. Looks like HBCU alumni are having a good time.

40. We weren’t sure if we were seeing Ms. Katrina or her twin in these pics, but only one of the lovely twins could make it this year.

41. Fisk alumni repping their school.

42. Brandee of HipHopandHeels with Anthony Hamilton.

43. Waiting for

44. Brandee with The B, the B and the D of BBD.


45. Eva Marceille with Radio One founder Ms. Cathy Hughes

46. Port of call Puerta Maya


47. Ms. Katrina with Michael Bivins and Ronnie DeVoe.


48. Jacque Reid keeps it comfortable.

49. BBD just chillin’.

50. More beautiful ladies on board.

51. Enjoying the view.

52. More beautiful ladies aboard.

53. Gary Jenkins from Troop with Ms. Katrina.


54. Roland Martin with Eva Marceille.

55. Kellz in the house.

56. Look who made it on the cruise! Shaun King takes a break from saving the world with his lovely wife.

57. Pretty ladies onboard.

58. It’s very clear who these ladies are here to support.

59. Troop and Silk ladies and gentlemen!

60. HBCU’s represent!

61. Remembering the Champ

62. The cruise is no excuse not to stay fit – Hip Hop In High Heels leads the way!

63. That’s right gurlllll!

64. Hey, Tito Jackson!

65. Anthony Hamilton was in fine form.

66. We got some Dolphins fans on the cruise.

67. We love Tom’s red hater blockers.

68. The first Comedians Night gets underway.

69. When Anthony Hamilton sings, you know collard greens are cooking somewhere.

70. Cruisewear never looked so good

71. Mother and daughter strike a pose.

72. Awww. #BlackLove is real.

73. Sisqo of Dru Hill sangin’

74. Michael Bivins and Ronnie DeVoe make some new friends.

75. Leroy Campbell’s legendary artwork can be purchased on FV’17!

76. Rance Elgin meets Eva Marceille.

77. Damon Williams buddies up with actor Malik Whitfield

78. Troop – ‘Spread Your Wings”

79. ‘That’s not your daddy!’ Bobby and Tommy Brown are surprised at Roland’s parents!

80. All aboard!

81. Bon Voyage!

82. Tom Joyner takes an us-ie.

83. ‘Queen Sugars”s Timon Kyle Durrett, Sherri Shepherd and ‘Queen Sugars”s Omar Dorsey

84. The Fantastic Voyage 2017 has a handsome photographer aboard.

85. The captain of this vessel, Tom Joyner with Bobby Brown

86. Bobby Brown with Fantastic Voyage supercruiser @Katrinat40

87. Captain Tom reporting for duty

88. The Fly Jock, Tom Joyner hangs out with a pretty cruise goer.

89. King of Stage Bobby Brown!

90. He’s ready for the ports of call onboard Fantastic Voyage 2017

91. These ladies from Florida look like they’re going to have a great time!

92. DJ Yella, Bobby Brown and MC Ren

93. Michael Bivins and a cruise goer.

94. New Edition’s Brook Payne and Katrina Terrell one of the fabulous twins who make the cruise every year!

95. Ready to board after having fun in New Orleans.

96. The pre-party in New Orleans with some handsome brothers.

97. This year’s lineup is LIT!

98. Brothers in blue

99. Timor Kyle Durrett and Omar Dorsey of ‘Queen Sugar’ with entertainment reporter Jawn Murray.

100. Radio and TV One founder Cathy Hughes (third from left) with friends Ayiko Broyard, Dr. Gloria James and Dyana Williams