1. These Tom Joyner fans said meeting him was inspirational.

2. Celebrity journalist Jawn Murray, Sherri Shepherd and friends.

3. Sherri Shepherd meets and greets.

4. Some SANGIN’ brothas: Ruben Studdard and Dave Hollister.

5. Sherri Shepherd, singer Avery Sunshine and celebrity journalist Jawn Murray hang out with friends.

6. Lanman Rucker not only meets his fans, he gives them encouragement.

7. Life’s a Beach!

8. Luke gets up close and personal to his fans.

9. Pretty much the best situation to be in.

10. The Carnival Breeze, where the magic happens!

11. D. Ellis and an appreciative fan.

12. Comedian Steve Brown and his wife

13. Chrisette Michele performs and relaxes.

14. Trina commands the stage.

15. Reality stars Paula Jai Parker and Elise Neal hang out with Eric Benet and Kenny Lattimore.

16. Millie Jackson and Trina perform together.

17. BET’s Stephen Hill and friends have something to say.

18. Fantasia is doing her in a cute dress.

19. Andia Winslow and Toni Carey spread the healthy lifestyle of Black Girls Run!

20. Mardi Gras night was a good time.

21. These gorgeous coworkers enjoy White Night.

22. Sea turtles were among the amazing sights at each stop.

23. Chrisette Michele performs.

24. Singer/reality star Monifah meets a fan during White Night.

25. Fantasia is on her selfie game.

26. Keeping up the fitness is necessary during the voyage.

27. Eric Benet does his thing onstage.

28. Damon Williams and Christian Keyes.

29. Mary Mary flicks it up with their band.

30. The New Jack Swing reunion.

31. Ruben enjoys the sights at each port.

32. Blackstreet’s back.

33. Fantasia on fleek.

34. Kool Moe Dee onstage.

35. Stripes under the stars.

36. Mardi Gras Night!

37. Throwback Night

38. Throwback Night


40. Fantasia enjoys a libation while posting up in polka dots.

41. The Tom Joyner Foundation Executive Director Ms. Barbara with Derek J and a fan

42. Huggy, Da Brat and Chris Paul

43. CL Smooth and Juvenile


45. sherrishepherdfv15

46. Eric…and Erica!

47. Tom Joyner meets the most fabulous ladies on board!

48. Sybil, Tom and Eric Benet – wait, when did he join the TJMS?!

49. Monifah meets a new friend.

50. Lady of Rage, Millie Jackson, Lanman Rucker, Li’l Mo and Michel’le react to something onstage.

51. Michel’le, Lunell and a fan flick it up.

52. Mary Mary meet the Prom King.

53. Juvenile and Manny Fresh put on a throwback show.

54. Fantasia’s ready to have a good time on the cruise.

55. Don Lemon and Kenny Lattimore.

56. Rance Elgin is loving life…and his wife.

57. Mary Mary turns it up!

58. Getting ready to head from Jamaica on to the next hotspot.

59. Hey, there’s a few cuties on board!

60. You can see how much fun it is on board through this lady’s fab sunglasses.

61. Sherri Shepherd snaps a quick photo on the plane. She’s on her way to Jamaica!

62. Teddy Riley

63. Ruben Studdard and Laman Rucker pose with fans in Jamaica

64. Sherri Shepherd relaxing in Jamaica

65. Fantasia was spotted posing with a fan

66. White Night

67. Ruben Suddard performing

68. Lil Mo at White Night

69. Faizon Love and a fan

70. Ruben Studdard

71. Earth Wind & Fire

72. Jennifer Hudson and David Otunga

73. Trina with Lil’Mo and her husband

74. All I need is some music and some drank and I’m good…

75. Mary Mary and a few friends

76. Eric Benet, Kenny Lattmore and Calvin Richardson do it for the Gram.

77. Tina and Erica Campbell

78. Trina meets one of her many admirers.

79. There’s some good looking brothers cruising this year!

80. Da Brat, Trina, The Lady Of Rage, Millie Jackson, Eric Benet, Kenny Lattimore and some of the other performers pose it up.

81. Monie’s not in the middle but she’s on board.

82. Wade The Barber and Trina

83. DaBrat hangs out with a cameraman friend.

84. Sweet honeymoon for this couple.

85. Hey, it’s J!

86. Syleena Johnson snaps a pic of Monie Love and her hubby Kiwane.

87. J. Anthony Brown and Michel’le enjoying the good times.

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