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Fantastic Voyage Generic Graphics Updated Nov 2023
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The Fantastic Voyage 2017 is underway. They’re having so much fun onboard we needed two photo galleries to keep up. Check out Pt. 2!

1. Mom and daughter slayage – but who’s who?

2. Katrina Terrell, you are the most photographed cruiser! With Slick Rick and Ruben Studdard, we’ll see you and your twin next year.

3. Well, what’s a better way to love yourself than to wear a T-shirt with your face on it?

4. Kool Moe Dee and a fan.

5. The Party with a Purpose included several seminars.

6. B.B.D., ya’ll!

7. We just want to know where she got the glasses! #fashiongoals

8. Entertainment reporter Jawn Murray with LaPorsha Renee

9. Bill Bellamy dines with his lovely wife.

10. Saaaang it, LaPorsha!

11. Join us in 2018 and we’ll have a nice deck chair just for you.

12. When you’re so relaxed after the cruise winds down, you can just chill in a robe.

13. She’s Li’l Kim from the “Crush On You” video.

14. Bucket list goal: accomplished! Hey, cool tees.

15. Kang Bobby Brown!

16. Some of the lovely people of Honduras, a port of call on the cruise.

17. Newcomer Kevin Ross.

18. Claudia Jordan is always making new cruise friends.

19. Baby, let’s cruise….

20. How many old school divas can you name in this pic?

21. All-Black Night was well represented by these two ladies.

22. Jacque Reid and Frankie Beverly do a live TV morning show.

23. Shine bright like a Delta!

24. Celebrity dentist Dr. Catrise Austin and Dru Hill

25. Radio personality Dyana Williams, Radio One founder Ms. Cathy Hughes and their friends Ayiko Broyard and Dr. Gloria James enjoy White Nights.

26. Dr. Austin and lots of beautiful blue water.

27. Mike and Ricky of BBD and NE

28. No excuses – these ladies prove you can stay fit anywhere!

29. Squad goals!

30. AKA’s everywhere should be proud of their fabulous soror.

31. Just working on their fitness on deck.

32. Sherri Shepherd with Evelyn ‘Champagne’ King

33. Adina Howard showed up and showed out.

34. Three Black music icons: Anthony Hamilton, Tom Joyner and Frankie Beverly

35. Representing for the crimson and cream on HBCU Night.

36. Sherri Shepherd with CeCe Peniston

37. Radio One founder Ms. Cathy Hughes with Mary J. Blige

38. LaPorsha Renee was not going to get that fro wet, though.

39. Hoops at sea? Yup!

40. We have to give it to Damon Williams for best costume.

41. Can you say Chi-city?

42. Just a few more sit-ups, then it’s party time!

43. Skee-wee!

44. Frankie Beverly is STILL rockin’

45. We take White Night very seriously on The Fantastic Voyage.

46. Radio One VIP Colby Colb Tyner with wife Simone Tyner and Frankie Beverly

47. It’s White Night!

48. Is that N.W.A. or some impostors? Hmmm.

49. These ladies are another example of #cruiseweargoals

50. Catch these watersguns!

51. Well, we know N.W.A was onboard…but Michael Jackson?

52. Thought I told you that he don’t stop: Mr. Frankie Beverly

53. Chef Jernard Wells and his lady love.

54. Is this a watergun or a water rocket? LOL

55. Lovely ladies Dyana Williams and Ayiko Broyard on White Night.

56. While they’re cruising someone has to hold it down back home. Madelyne Woods is that girl.

57. Wish you were here!

58. This is the life aboard the Fantastic Voyage. Don’t ya want to ride?

59. Claudia Jordan and her friend got the teeny bikini game on lock!

60. Mardi Gras Night, anyone?

61. Let’s just admire this lady’s fab classic braid style, OK?

62. Bill Bellamy and Tom Joyner pose it up for the ‘Gram.

63. These ladies are #cruiseweargoals

64. Ronnie and Mike make some new friends.

65. DJ Hurricane, Tom, D.O.C. and MC Ren.

66. Jacque Reid got a mean boot game.

67. Brandee of HipHopAndHeels and our girl, Tasia!

68. Jacque Reid is enjoying the cruise life.

69. Roland’s everywhere, you ain’t neva there!

70. Come along and ride on a fantastic voyage….

71. It’s Roland Martin….as old-school Al Sharpton.

72. Squad goals for sure #Marvel


73. Jacque Reid as…Telma from ‘Good Times’?

74. You can’t sit with us!

75. Bill Bellamy and Sybil Wilkes

76. Bill Bellamy as…Hammer?

77. Hey Bill, get in my pic!

78. He’s a little light-skinned but we guess he can rep Stevie Wonder.

79. Eva Marceille and Claudia Jordan.

80. Damon Williams channels Tupac, while Sybil goes for Queen Latifah.

81. All the funny guys stick together.

82. The gang’s all here!

83. The worst part of the 2017 Fantastic Voyage? Coming back home! Until next year…..