WASHINGTON (AP) — Attorney General William Barr portrayed himself as an apolitical elder statesman at his confirmation hearing. He declared he’d rather resign than be asked to fire special counsel Robert Mueller without cause and insisted the prosecutor he’d known for decades would never involve himself in a witch hunt as the president claimed. But […]


\WASHINGTON (AP) — Attorney General William Barr has informed lawmakers on the House Judiciary Committee that he will skip a hearing on special counsel Robert Mueller’s report, escalating an already acrimonious battle between Democrats and the Justice Department. Barr’s decision — he cites a disagreement over the questioning — came the same day the department […]

The Mueller report was released to the public last week and now that we’ve seen just about everything, the question is whether or not Democrats should be pushing for impeachment. There were 10 incidents of obstruction against Trump explained in the redacted version and of course that’s not a good thing. Reverend Al. Sharpton says impeachment needs […]

Last Thursday the Mueller report came out and Roland Martin says it confirmed a number of things, like the fact that “Trump is an absolute liar.” It revieled that he asked a number of public officials to lie to the American people. Martin talks to MSNBC analyst Malcolm Nance about what the report means. Nance […]

The Mueller Report was released yesterday and Chris Paul’s summary of it is that, in the 2016 elections Russians interfered to help Trump win. Just like the Refs helped the Rams win a trip to the Superbowl. It also highlighted the way Trump felt about how the investigation, he said “this is the end of my […]

Robert Mueller spent months digging into exactly what happened during the 2016 Presidential election and his 400 page report will finally be released to the public tomorrow. Reverend Al Sharpton wishes everyone a “Happy Mueller Report Eve.” Sharpton calls its release date “strategic” and finds it interesting that they’re waiting until the Easter Holiday to […]


WASHINGTON (AP) — The president isn’t waiting. As Washington counts down the final hours until publication of the redacted special counsel report — now expected Thursday — Donald Trump stepped up his attacks in an effort to undermine potential disclosures on Russia, his 2016 campaign and the aftermath. He unleashed a series of tweets Monday […]


WASHINGTON (AP) — Democrats intensified their demands for the Robert Mueller’s full report Thursday after learning the special counsel’s findings from his Trump-Russia investigation run to more than 300 pages, while President Donald Trump boasted of total exoneration based on a four-page summary by his attorney general. House Judiciary Chairman Jerrold Nadler was told by […]

Now that the Mueller Report is complete Rev. Al says it’s time to “get down to business.” The public has only seen a four page summary of it. He believes that it is the responsibility of congress to make the Mueller Report available to the public and we need to fight to make it happen. […]

If You Missed It

I have a few important stories I’d like to cover, so I’ll jump right in. First, I’d like to say a few things about the Mueller report. As you know, former FBI Director Bob Mueller has spent the past two plus years leading a sweeping investigation into the Trump administration that ultimately led to the […]

Robert Mueller has concluded his investigation into Donald Trump and handed over an 800 page report. Roland Martin says the public has not seen the true Mueller report, we have seen the Bob Barr report. The Barr report is just a four page summary. Attorney A. Scott Bolden says though the investigation was inconclusive, “this […]