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I have a few important stories I’d like to cover, so I’ll jump right in.

First, I’d like to say a few things about the Mueller report. As you know, former FBI Director Bob Mueller has spent the past two plus years leading a sweeping investigation into the Trump administration that ultimately led to the indictments, arrests, and convictions of Trump’s campaign manager, his assistant campaign manager, his personal lawyer, his personal advisor, his National Security Advisor, and about 30 other people.

Only in Trump administration, and all of its ridiculousness, would dozens and dozens of people be indicted for hundreds of crimes, and it somehow be purported to be a victory for Donald Trump. Listen, I know that it does not appear that Trump or his family will be indicted for Russian collusion, but it is believed that the report, which Republicans are still fighting to keep private, does detail the fact that Russia absolutely worked against Democrats to sway the election in Trump’s favor in 2016.

It is also believed that the report does not clear Trump of obstruction of justice, but the truth is that we won’t really know what the report says until it’s released, and it’s right there that I need to interject something.

I want the report to be released. I understand that many prominent Democrats want the report released. But listen, this report being released is not the most important thing in our world. Period. And we should not treat it as such.

It sounds outrageous to even be saying this, but Flint still does not have clean water.

30 million people in this nation still do not have any health insurance whatsoever and tens of millions more have it, but can’t even afford to actually use it for anything.

Hate crimes have surged in this nation to an all-time high.

Gun violence has surged to its highest rate in this nation in over 30 years.

Just this past week, two teenage survivors of the school shooting in Parkland, Florida took their own lives. And yesterday morning we tragically learned that one of the most outspoken parents of little girl who was killed in the Sandy Hook school shooting took his own life.

Our nation, more than any other nation on earth, continues to ignore the plague of gun violence, and it’s clear taking its toll on the heart and soul of this country.

So yeah – release the Mueller report, but we have bigger fish to fry. And I’ll tell you what – if Democrats keep focusing on this damn Mueller report – it’s going to play right into Trump’s hands. They must focus on issues that matter most.

I need to switch gears for just a moment and speak about the not guilty verdict for the cop who shot and killed Antwon Rose – the unarmed teenager who was repeatedly shot in his back and killed by police outside of Pittsburgh. Antwon was a brilliant boy and had never been in trouble a day in his life.

I’ve talked about this on air many times, but it’s the law itself that is working against us in these cases. I spoke at length throughout the trial with my good friend Lee Merritt, who is the personal attorney for the family of Antwon Rose, and we both agreed that we must put on a full court press to all the way up to the Supreme Court to change the laws that are protecting even the very worst police in the very worst shootings.

Listen – we aren’t saying that every cop who kills someone deserves to go to jail, but we for damn sure are saying that it can’t be the case that even the worse cops get off in shootings where unarmed, non-violent people are shot in the back. In almost every developed nation in the world, these police shootings would be completely illegal. In fact, in most developed countries, these shootings wouldn’t even take place, because the cops know better and have been instructed to only shoot to kill when they are absolutely in grave danger themselves.

The cops who killed John Crawford, Tamir Rice, Philando Castile, and Antwon Rose weren’t in grave danger at all. In fact, they weren’t in any danger.

I have one last thing to mention this morning and I’ve gotta run.

I’m disgusted, but Democrats are restarting their attacks on newly elected Congresswoman Ilhan Omar again – even comparing her to Donald Trump this week at the annual AIPAC conference. It’s disturbing and ultimately puts Ilhan in danger and goes against the very thing that Democrats literally just said a few weeks ago about Democrats attacking fellow Democrats.

Some days I’m not the least bit convinced that Democrats have any earthly idea what they’re doing. Many of us thought that the attacks against Ilhan Omar had ended, but this week Democrats decided to restart them over and over again – causing new divisions within the party.

Listen – I’ve gotta run, but let’s continue to push our agenda, our concerns, our issues out front – and not just demand that the people running for President focus on these issues, but that the media and other people running for office focus on these things as well.