Boogie Cousins is injured and as of now there’s no telling when he’ll be cleared to play again. There has been talk of who they’ll sign to play center but, Guy Torry doesn’t like who they’re talking about. He says he’d rather suit up and play then have Dwight Howard be a Laker.

Hurricane Michael made landfall as a category 4, but Sybil says it was only 2 mph shy of a category 5. Tom says this hurricane showed out. He brought heavy rain, strong winds and lots of destruction. Shockingly there have only been two deaths reported as a result of the storm. Michael is now a […]

Comedian Dominique is headed to Nashville this weekend and will only be performing on Sept. 16, “one night only.” Then on September 23, she’ll be in Huntsville, Alabama for one show. She also mentions that everyone in the Carolinas needs to evacuate for their own safety. READ MORE STORIES ON BLACKAMERICAWEB.COM: SIGN UP FOR OUR […]

Last Friday Tom was in Memphis for the Southern Heritage Classic and it was fun! The game ended up being canceled for the first time in history due to bad weather. But Tom learned a few things about hair. Ladies, you know how the rain can ruin your hair and if you have a weave […]

Why do black people have long funerals and weddings? Sherri says that part of the issue with funerals is that there’s always someone who falls over the casket and lays there for hours as if it’s going to bring the person back. Weddings are a whole different story! Kym says that Sherri’s wedding lasted “longer […]

The Allstate Tom Joyner Family Reunion is this weekend and  Orrin ‘Checkmate’ Hudson will be at the free family expo teaching valuable life lessons through the game of chess. Hudson believes that learning to play chess turned his whole life completely around for the better. “I barely got out of school and when I learned […]

Breakups are difficult enough, but imagine seeing your ex with their new boo! That’s rough! This man took it so hard that he began throwing biscuits and yelling racial slurs. Police say that the biscuits were so hard that they caused injury to his ex. The man was arrested and injured himself by banging his […]

Good Morning Everybody! In just a moment I want to talk about a few things we’re going to have to do if we want to win these upcoming mid-term elections, but first I want to really recap what we’re up against. It’s unprecedented, really. During Barack Obama’s entire 8 years in office, not a single […]

The hilarious Arsenio Hall and Aretha Franklin went way back, “Aretha took me on tour with her when people thought Arsenio Hall was the place Aretha was singing in,” he said. Like many of us, he wasn’t a fan of the tribute that Madonna gave, and to make it worse, this is her second terrible tribute. “When Madonna […]

AARP is a sponsor at the 2018 Tom Joyner Family Reunion and Vice President of Multicultral Leadership Shani Hosten says, they’re going to bring the fun! AARP will host a dance party where no one will have aged out. Dancing doesn’t stop when you turn a certain age and everyone is encouraged to come out! […]

How mad do you have to be to fly a plane into your own house? Well, this man was that mad. After he was arrested on suspicion of assault, as a result of a domestic dispute, he went to get an airplane. He worked at a small airport and took a small plane which he […]

It’s Sybil’s birthday and she’s in New York City living her best life! She’s been hanging out with friends and even saw a play on Broadway. It sounds like the whole TJMS family had a great weekend, Guy had sold out shows in St. Louis and Tom saw a movie with one of the fly […]