Jada Pinkett Smith shared a video update this week about her hair loss journey and her battle with alopecia. 


Reality TV show veteran Tami Roman appeared on the Nov. 19 episode of “Personal Injury Court” where she explained how she suffered some serious hair loss due to a scalp infection. Roman opened up about her ordeal to Judge Gino Brogdon, telling him that a hair color mishap caused her tresses to fall out, Hello Beautiful reports. “Oh chile […]

DOES OVERPLUCKING ALWAYS LEAD TO PERMANENT EYEBROW HAIR LOSS? A: Not always. Your body perceives plucking as trauma to the hair follicle.  This leads to mild inflammation around the hair follicle. The hair will usually grow back.  However, over time, with chronic plucking and chronic trauma to those hairs; a form of traction alopecia can […]

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Researchers at Johns Hopkins say they can confirm a “strong association” between common African-American hairstyles and the development of traction alopecia, which is the gradual loss of hair loss caused by damage to the hair follicle. Prolonged tension on the hair root can trigger the loss of hair. An estimated one-third of African-American women suffer from […]

As we age, sometimes we notice our edges are thinning. This is called Traction Alopecia and it can be caused by the stress we put on our hair, like braids, beads, tight ponytails, or relaxers. Dermatologist Dr. Wendy Roberts says there are signs to pay attention to before your hair begins to fall out. Itching is the […]

As we age hair loss is something that we all deal with. But, it doesn’t have to be permanent! Dr. Wendy Roberts, a Vitalize Hair System spokesperson believes Vitalize can help you. There are a number of things that affect hair loss like, genetics, aging, chemicals and the number one is stress. According to Dr. […]

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Monique Allen is a wig enthusiasts who creates flawless custom units for her long list of clients. Before starting on her entrepreneurial journey, the self-taught stylist revealed she was dealing with extreme hair loss. Monique worked as a registered nurse, with plans on becoming a Nurse anesthetist, but her own struggle with hair loss sparked […]

Jada Pinkett Smith recently revealed she was having trouble with unexpected hair loss, the cause of which has not been determined. Many Black women are challenged by thinning and bare edges and sometimes balding and permanent hair loss. Leading dermatologist Dr. Karen Heidleberg-Barnwell says there are some measures you can take to combat hair loss. […]

To Black women, their hair means a lot. Whether it’s the process of getting it done, to protecting it from weather or just trying to look good without a bad hair day, hair is an important part of who a Black woman is. Jacque Reid’s guest, Dawniel Winningham a motivational speaker and internet sensation, lost her […]

Dr. William Yates started losing his hair in his early 20’s, so he understands the impact hair loss can have on one’s self-esteem and self-confidence. As a physician and surgeon in Chicago, he specializes in hair transplantation and other state of the art techniques to treat all hair types for both men and women. People […]

2/21/17- Jacque Reid goes Inside Her Story with Donna Washington a Cancer of survivor and Danielle of Transitions Hair Solutions  to talk about the 3D hair and scalp prosthetic service offered. “It’s very natural. Most important for me, I don’t have to be concerned about the wig slipping or if it’s in the right location. It’s very […]

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By the age of 50, almost 85% of men experience significantly thinning hair. But that percentage doesn’t just include white males (even if every before and after photo does). Now, when looking at hair restoration surgery options, patients with afro-textured and natural hair will also be able to receive treatment. In a new study published […]