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To Black women, their hair means a lot. Whether it’s the process of getting it done, to protecting it from weather or just trying to look good without a bad hair day, hair is an important part of who a Black woman is.

Jacque Reid’s guest, Dawniel Winningham a motivational speaker and internet sensation, lost her hair to disease and at first, couldn’t imagine a life without hair only to find empowerment in her beauty and helping other women in similar situations.

“So it wasn’t so much as a break through as it was just a weird coming out moment. I was online one day and I’m Facebook Live, Periscope, and all these other apps all the time. And I had this one phone that I didn’t turn off,” explained Winningham. “You know the first thing you do, I mean everybody who wears a wig or bra knows that the first thing you do when you’re by yourself is take it off.”

Well she didn’t realize that one camera was still on and showed her with no wig. At first it was mortifying but then she realized that maybe she could own her beauty and her circumstances.

At the time, Winningham was a Vice President at JP Morgan Chase and she explained what working their without her hair would have been hard.

“Oh absolutely. Absolutely. I would have never, I think that when you’re your own boss you have a lot of freedom from the confines especially of corporate America,” explained Winningham. “The work really has an expectation of you but you have to buck that expectation when you work for yourself.”