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Monique Allen is a wig enthusiasts who creates flawless custom units for her long list of clients. Before starting on her entrepreneurial journey, the self-taught stylist revealed she was dealing with extreme hair loss. Monique worked as a registered nurse, with plans on becoming a Nurse anesthetic, but her own struggle with hair loss sparked an ember in her soul that led to her passion for hair health/growth and protective styling with wigs.

Monique has gone viral for many of her unbelievably realistic wigs, leading to significant business growth. But Monique’s wigs aren’t just for adults. She makes lace wigs for children who suffer from alopecia. We caught up with Monique, who opened up about her luxury wigs.

HB: What inspired you to start creating wigs for children with alopecia?

Monique Allen: A mother in my hometown (Cleveland, Ohio) reached out to me about getting her daughter a wig before starting kindergarten. I met her in person and fell in love with her! I was determined to figure out how I could help her out. I had done tons of wigs for adults, but I hadn’t worked with a child before. It turned out to be a success. Her reaction literally brought tears to my eyes. She smiled so hard, and said “I love it.” I surprised her mom and had the wig completed the day before her birthday.  It was my gift to her.

HB: How much do your wigs typically cost?

Monique Allen: My children wigs are top quality Virgin hair. They can be worn in many ways. Curls, flat ironed, braided, etc. They last a really long time and start at $200.

HB: How do you feel after seeing the child wear the wig and their happiness?

Monique Allen: Oh my GOD, pure happiness. I want to cry every time.

Follow Monique’s work @WigDealer.

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