WASHINGTON (AP) — The Education Department said Thursday that it is weighing whether to allow states to use federal funds to purchase guns for schools, prompting a storm of criticism from Democratic lawmakers and educators. If approved, the plan would likely generate a lot of controversy at a time when a string of especially deadly […]


According to ABC 13, a man who was allegedly pleasuring himself was shot in the chest when he tried to break into an elderly woman’s home in Houston. Granny Jean, 68,  told ABC 13 the drama started when a nude man showed up at her house late Tuesday afternoon, and he was riding a bike. “Some […]

A little-known dispute over 3D-printed guns has morphed into a national legal debate in the last week, drawing attention to a technology that seems a bit of sci-fi fantasy and — to gun-control advocates — a dangerous way for criminals to get their hands on firearms that are easy to conceal and tough to detect. […]

MINNEAPOLIS (AP) — Three black teenagers say they feared for their lives when a Minneapolis Park Police officer pulled a gun on them while responding to a bogus 911 report that they were armed. The July 10 incident at Minnehaha Park drew widespread attention after a bystander recorded part of it and posted a video […]

GAINESVILLE, Ga. (AP) — With Gary Ramey’s fledgling gun-making business taking off in retail stores, he decided to start offering one of his handguns for sale on his website. That didn’t sit well with the company he used to process payments, and they informed him they were dropping his account. Another credit card processing firm […]

AUSTIN, Texas (AP) — Texas has more than 1.2 million licensed handgun owners who can openly carry their weapons in public. The state hosted the National Rifle Association’s annual meeting two weeks ago. And until Monday, the governor’s re-election website was raffling off a shotgun. Guns are so hard-wired into Texas culture that last week’s […]

Russ Parr rants about how deregulation leads to death. This is a must watch! Don’t Miss Out! Follow The Russ Parr Show on Twitter and Instagram Keep Up With The Russ Parr Morning Show  On Facebook Too!

Rapper Killer Mike is receiving much backlash for an interview he did with the National Rifle Association that raised questions. After getting beat down on social media for his point of view on guns in America he posted two videos apologizing that still didn’t help. Roland Martin talks with Killer Mike to understand where he stands on […]

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — A teacher at a Northern California high school accidentally fired his gun inside a classroom, causing minor injuries to three students, but kept teaching while the students sat there, the mother of one of the students said Wednesday. Dennis Alexander, a reserve police officer, was pointing the gun at the ceiling […]

Another reason why teachers shouldn't be armed.

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  NEWARK, N.J. (AP) — Rapper Juelz Santana will remain jailed pending a hearing on weapons charges stemming from a gun found in a bag at New Jersey’s Newark Liberty International Airport. Santana made an initial court appearance Monday in federal court in Newark. He had turned himself in to authorities earlier Monday, three days […]