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In a town called Kennesaw, Georgia homeowners are required to own a gun and ammunition. The bill passed in 1982 in direct response to a mass shooting in Oregon. Representative Erica Thomas says that bill was put in motion by the same man who passed the heartbeat abortion bill.

Georgia’s heartbeat abortion bill states that once a woman is 6 weeks pregnant they can’t get an abortion and it is now on the governors desk.

Representative Erica Thomas calls it a “very scary thing,” in part because right now Georgia is the number one place to do business in and is a huge part of the entertainment industry.

Celebrities like Gabrielle Union and others have signed a petition and said if this bill is signed into law they’ll leave and take their business elsewhere. Thomas says this is scary for makeup artists, caterers and anyone else who makes money working with the entertainment industry.  Thomas hopes it “will it get struck down by a federal judge,” if it is signed into law.

Another scary thing for Thomas is that Georgia has seemingly has started a trend, in Texas women who get an abortion may face the death penalty and Alabama they’ll face 99 years in prison.