Best friends Ashley Thomas and Latoya Wimberly have been best friends since middle school, and have called themselves sisters ever since. But last month they received the ultimate surprise when a DNA test confirmed that they are in fact biological sisters. “I almost passed out,” Wimberly, 29, told “Good Morning America” about the moment she learned her […]

“Living Single” star Erika Alexander and “Friends” star David Schwimmer had a bit of a debate on Twitter over their respective shows after Schwimmer said that there should be a ‘black version of “Friends.” Alexander informed him that “Living Single” was the Black version of friends and aired before the NBC hit show that was […]

Actor David Schwimmer is catching heat on Twitter from both Black and white folks after he proposed an all-black version of his hit NBC sitcom “Friends.” Twitter users have been flooding the comments of his account, noting that “Friends” is basically the all-white reboot of the Fox sitcom “Living Single.” “Living Single” aired for five seasons from […]

Damon has come to realize that you never really know a person until you live with them. This goes for dating, friends and fellow comedians. For example, now Damon is in a house full of comics in Martha’s Vineyard and things have been interesting. The first few days were great, but then everyone’s habits and […]

A listener sent in her Gripe about handy men who do a terrible job. Guy says it’s a shame that single women can’t call their male friends to help them do things around the house. They probably feel like they can’t because a lot of men always want something in return. Life would be better […]

Ladies, imagine you have a friend who doesn’t smell the best. Now pretend this particular friend smells bad majority of the time. How do you tell her? Sherri decided to send her friend with bad breath and anonymous breath mint subscription but she missed the point. Kym gave her musty friend a basket full of […]

Fans were promoted to send Tiffany Haddish some words of praise and encouragement after she shared her frustrations on Twitter about industry insiders and so-called friends who are playing her shady. “Yesterday I learned that people that say ‘they care about you or they got your back’ only mean that when they think it benefits them, I […]

You have one week and two more weekends before Christmas. And that means you better get started. Yes we’re talking to you – the last-minute procrastinators, the disorganized, the busy or the ones ‘waiting on the next paycheck before I can knock off this gift list’ types. We’re here to help – we’ve got the […]

If you have a friend who has an odor, would you tell her? If Sherri has a friend who has a stinky wig she’d maybe just suggest that she was her hair. If it’s a body odor you can come from a place of love and try to help her. Sherri believes in being honest […]

Offering parenting advice can go horribly wrong. Have your friends ever shut you down when you were trying to help? Sherri shuts down Kym’s fashion advice about Jeffery’s glasses constantly. Kym is just trying to help Jeffery not look like he’s wearing “minion” glasses but Sherri isn’t having it! What advice do your friends not […]

4/26/18- If you didn’t know, Sherri and Kym have been going back and forth over Kym not sending in her RSVP in for Jeffery’s birthday party. Kym wasn’t going to make it but Sherri needed a head count so she could prepare properly. Ever have that, when people don’t RSVP so you don’t know how […]