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Fans were promoted to send Tiffany Haddish some words of praise and encouragement after she shared her frustrations on Twitter about industry insiders and so-called friends who are playing her shady.

“Yesterday I learned that people that say ‘they care about you or they got your back’ only mean that when they think it benefits them, I am done with a lot of y’all,” she wrote.

Twitter user @TwilaLue replied, “Keep moving forward only God can judge you. Enjoy your life from your view not theirs U got this ”

Another user wrote: “Please know how much laughter and genuine pleasure you have brought to many of us when we really needed it. You are a gift created by God – never forget that.” writes:

Tiffany, who was on a hot streak since starring in the movie Girls’ Trip, lashed out at industry insiders and other celebs who stopped taking her calls after she flopped during her first ever solo comedy show.

Tiffany learned the hard way that fake industry people and celebrities only show love when you’re hot. Now that Tiffany is no longer in demand, she is cut off from celebrities she thought were her friends (Some of us definitely know the feeling).

Fans walked out of her disastrous stand-up show in Miami on Jan.1, many taking to social media to complain that the actress appeared intoxicated and forgot her lines. Video from the show went viral online.

Haddish, who abruptly ended the show, later apologized for her behavior, claiming she was hungover from the night before.

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