You can't blame a man for responding when he's called out! See what D.L. Hughley had to say about Mo'Nique's 'Club Shay Shay' interview.

Malik Yoba opens up about his health scare and advocates for Black health, particularly heart disease.

DL Hughley meets his granddaughter just in time for Father’s Day! The moment was shared by Hughley’s daughter on Instagram.  Don’t Miss Out! Follow The D.L. Hughley Show on Twitter and Instagram & Keep Up On Facebook Too! DL Hughley officially celebrated Father’s Day as a grandparent. His daughter Ryan Nicole Shepard revealed an emotional moment in a holiday tribute to the […]

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According to reports, Pastor John Gray is asking his congregation to fund $250k worth of repairs on the church’s roof. Many people are not feeling the request because it comes after Gray has been in the news for a variety of things including his “emotional” affair and the purchase of a luxury vehicle for his […]

Taylor Swift took to Instagram to encourage her millions of followers to vote; and to express support for the Democratic party. After her post, Donald Trump came out and said “now I like her music 25% less.” But, said they received over 65,000 registrations in a 24 hour period. DL said in a TMZ […]

DL can rub folks the wrong way sometimes and he knows it, so he’s giving the listeners a chance to speak their minds with FU DL Hughley. Niecy James reads a comment from a fan who is upset that DL is so hard on white people! Don’t Miss Out! Follow The D.L. Hughley Show on Twitter and Instagram & Keep Up On Facebook […]

Aretha Franklin had so many great songs, her top 10 could really be any of her songs. On DL and Jazzy’s list is Chain of Fools, Natural Woman, Ain’t No Way, I Say A Little Prayer, Think, I Never Loved A Man and Dr. Feel Good. What are your favorite Aretha songs? Don’t Miss Out! […]

Dak Prescott and Ezekiel Elliott both came out in agreement with Jerry Jones. Jones refuses to allow his players to protest the anthem, but he has no problem with his players being accused of beating women. It used to be that people don’t like the Cowboys because they were so good, now people don’t like […]

DL has known a lot of liars and they act just like Trump. Donald Trump is obviously under the influence of Vladimir Putin and no one is saying anything. His approval ratings have gone up, after he put kids in cages, after whatever went down in Helsinki, after he publicly sided with Russia, people still […]

Donald Trump’s approval rating among republicans is about 75%. This is alarming because no matter what he does he has a solid group of people who will stand by him no matter what. He has put babies in cages, ignored Puerto Rico, sided with Putin and so much more; he was right when he said […]

Eyebrow shape and size can actually tell you a lot about a person. The study shows that people who purposely groom and maintain thick eyebrows are more likely to be narcissists. This could come from the desire to be instantly recognizable and stand out. Don’t Miss Out! Follow The D.L. Hughley Show on Twitter and Instagram & Keep Up On Facebook […]

A new study associates drinking coffee with lower risk of early death. Research found longevity benefits associated with drinking coffee, no matter what type or how much you drink. Those who drink one cup a day lower their risk by 8% and those who drink 6-7 cups lower their risk by 16%. Don’t Miss Out! […]