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DL can rub folks the wrong way sometimes and he knows it, so he’s giving the listeners a chance to speak their minds with FU DL Hughley. Niecy James reads a comment from a fan who is upset that DL is so hard on white people!

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4 thoughts on “FU DL Hughly: Are You Mad At DL? Let Him Know!

  1. DL, You always say “The most dangerous place for a black person to live is in white folks imagination”. You sound like a broken record that I bought for 5 cents at a flea market. I have white friends that think I’m not dangerous, They look out for me and care for me and love me to death. DL, you just saying that because you want attention and to be a ” black Rush Limbaugh ” F*** YOU DL HUGHLEY!

  2. I’m soo disappointed that you so-called BLACK men think it’s funny that punkass bobby brown kicked a female out half-naked. You lost a listener here. I hope no man ever mistreats your daughter in such a cowardly punkass way.

  3. Justbeingme on said:

    Thank you DL for always keeping it real its important to keep our black people informed and educate them about white privelge and racisim in america because alot of black people are still in the dark. we need more people like you to speak about the white devils that plague our country. keep being real dont water it down for no one if they dont like what you have to say then they dont have to listen keep it moving.

  4. He not hard enough on WF’s. They are Devils and Racist. I do have a gripe with DL’s opinion on the OJ verdict. Let me make it clear, I Do Not have Any Respect for BM who are with and/or Marry WW. But Dumb Leroy (OJ Simpson) did not kill them folks. I believe he knows who, why and what happened, but he didn’t do it.

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