Dallas Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott will need surgery for a fractured bone in his throwing hand sustained in the season opener and will miss multiple weeks.


FRISCO, Texas (AP) — Dak Prescott says he was already feeling the emotional burden of the pandemic when the star quarterback of the Dallas Cowboys received word that one of his brothers had died by suicide in the spring. Prescott acknowledged the cause of Jace Prescott’s death for the first time in a recent TV […]


Jace Prescott, brother of the Dallas Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott reportedly died Thursday. The Ft. Worth Star-Telegram reports upon speaking to Jace Presscott’s uncle, Phillip Ebarb; Prescott passed in his home in Orange, Texas. His death was confirmed by the Dallas Cowboys organization Thursday evening. https://twitter.com/TomPelissero/status/1253519328982564870   Jace Prescott was the middle child of 3 […]

Jerry Jones and Dak Prescott are back this morning for the Cowboys Wake Up Show. After their loss to Green Bay at home Jones says Dak managed to be the biggest clown of the weekend, even though the new “Joker” movie came out on Friday. Jones went into his “mail sack” and read letters from listeners. […]

Jerry Jones is so upset about the loss the Cowboys took in New Orleans. The Cowboys lost to the Saints on Sunday night football 12-10. Jones says if Dak performs the way he did on Sunday one more time he’s getting cut! He can’t believe that Dak and Zeke asked for more money and they […]

The Cowboys season ended on Saturday night and Jerry Jones is not happy about it. Ezekiel Elliot walked into the stadium with a bag of Chick-Fil-A before the game, which is ironic because now to Cowboys are closed on Sunday too. Will Jones bring Dak back as quarterback next season? Will he fire some of […]

It’s The Cowboy’s Wakeup Show and Jerry Jones and Dak Prescott are on a high after beating the Seahawks on Saturday. They’re headed to round tow of the NFL playoffs and will face the Los Angeles Rams in LA. Jones is “happier than Michael Irving with a new bag of drugs.” but he won’t be […]

On today’s episode of The Cowboys Wake Up Show, Jerry Jones is not happy with the results of Sunday’s game. He’s so unhappy that he had to take yesterday off! Dak promised Jones that one day he’d be the “negro Romo” and he has not made good on that promise. Jones is not happy at […]

Today on the Cowboys Wake Up Show Jerry Jones is not happy! He is very upset about yesterday’s loss, as any coach would be. But the fact that they lost to a black quarterback makes it worse. His own quarterback, Dak Prescott is black but not “black black.” It’s a rough morning if you’re a […]

Today Chris Paul is, “broadcasting live from America’s Team Studios in Arlington Texas,” with “The Cowboys Wake Up Show,” host Jerry Jones and his “sidekick,” Dak Prescott. But today, Dak is in a bit of trouble! He forgot to make Master Jerry his breakfast! READ MORE STORIES ON BLACKAMERICAWEB.COM: SIGN UP FOR OUR NEWSLETTER:  LIKE […]


  This may come as a surprise and shock to some folks, but Ice Cube is down with Dallas Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott who has come out against the National Football League’s national anthem protests. Wait, before we go any further, let’s make it absolutely clear that Cube is not saying he agrees with Prescott, but he supports the […]

You can say anything that you want about the Cowboys, and their fans will not abandon them. This is more evident than ever right now, even after what Jerry Jones and Dak Prescott said they are still standing by the boys in blue. Loyal fans get respect. Unlike these “Floss Angeles Caliphony Faker Fans!” Now […]