This may come as a surprise and shock to some folks, but Ice Cube is down with Dallas Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott who has come out against the National Football League’s national anthem protests.

Wait, before we go any further, let’s make it absolutely clear that Cube is not saying he agrees with Prescott, but he supports the QB’s right to not agree with protesters.

As we reported, Prescott said that staging protests during games are inappropriate, and it robs people of enjoying the game. Needless to say he caught a lot of flack for his thoughts. One of his strongest critics was rapper The Game, who said Prescott should “throw on that MAGA hat.

This past Thursday night, Dallas opened its pre-season against the San Francisco 49ers. Only a 49er wide receiver protested between the two teams during the anthem, raising a fist.

Dallas owner Jerry Jones has previously stated that he wants his players toeing the line during the national anthem. Anyone who didn’t would be fined.


So, circling back to Ice Cube, the actor/rapper/producer/entrepreneur who’s promoting his BIg3 basketball league said that Prescott should stand his ground and not be controlled by other people’s opinions.

“You should do what you feel. That’s what’s supposed to be great about being in America, you do what you feel,” said Cube, speaking to an Atlanta newspaper. “You don’t have to be in lock step with anybody. Not the community, not with the coach, not the owner. You do what you feel. And when you do that, sometimes you gotta let the chips fall where they may and live with your decision.”

Ice Cube, who has dealt with lots of controversy himself as part of NWA (remember “Fu*k Tha Police?”) and beyond, said problems come about when you allow the crowd to make your decisions.

“What I think he’s doing is what everybody should probably do, is make a decision and live with that and roll with that. At a certain point, it becomes everybody else’s problem. Not his. It’s only his problem if he allows it to be; if he allows somebody to change his position. You gotta live with the decision.”