Darlene McCoy closes out the week with some mellow vibes on 'The Nightly Spirit,' and tonight she talks with Rudy Currence & Chrisette Michele as they premiere the video for their beautiful new duet, "No Greater Love."

Chrisette Michele is an open book while describing her career and life after her controversial performance for Donald Trump's presendial inauguration.

Songstress Chrisette Michele has had to overcome many career hurdles but one supporter she has had throughout is Tom Joyner. Michele thanks Joyner in the video above, where she recognizes Tom’s support from the very beginning of her career until now. SIGN UP FOR OUR NEWSLETTER:  She was recently a guest on Joyner’s Fantastic Voyage […]

Chrisette Michele took a career-threatening figurative beating from her fans for agreeing to perform at Donald Trump’s inauguration. But this year, Tom Joyner personally invited her to perform on the 2019 Fantastic Voyage and told the audience it was time to forgive the embattled singer. The audience responded positively, applauding the singer and one-time reality […]

Singer Chrisette Michele seemingly disappeared after she sang at Trump’s Inaugural Ball. Many of her fans, fellow celebs and ever husband warned her that the performance was a bad idea. Well, she insisted that it’d be a good way to bring everyone together and be a “bridge.” She was wrong & now she’s trying to […]

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As we deal with another week of Trump’s shutdown of the government, you might be asking yourself, “Whatever happened to Chrisette Michele? The answer is simple. She fell off. More specifically, her career took a nosedive after she chose to take Donald Trump’s money and perform at his inaugural ball. The R&B songstress allegedly thought she could “be a bridge” […]

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After performing for Donald Trump's inauguration, social media had serious words for the singer who now wants to appease her African-American fans.

Singer Chrisette Michele has received harsh backlash since performing at President Trump’s inauguration that resulted in her label dropping her, her fans turning against her and even battling thoughts of suicide. “If I knew that this would backfire in the way that it did and it would hurt people the way that it did, I would never want […]

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Chrisette Michele told the world about the issues she’s been dealing with since accepting Donald Trump‘s invite to sing at his inaugural. She talked to Roland Martin about the behind the scenes struggles and backlash she’s received since. She laments that she was shown the door by her label, she miscarried and was suicidal. https://www.instagram.com/p/BaxKfdljYQQ/?taken-by=chrisettemichele […]

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The singer believes her and the Mary Mary singer are being bullied for their connections to #45.

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If you thought it was over for Chrisette Michele, think again. The Grammy Award winner has new music, a new podcast and a new political agenda? She talks to the Tom Joyner Morning Show about her decision to accept Donald Trump’s invitation to perform at his Inauguration, her new single New Moon and a possible future […]