Chrisette Michele: ‘I Offended Millions Of People’


Singer Chrisette Michele has received harsh backlash since performing at President Trump’s inauguration that resulted in her label dropping her, her fans turning against her and even battling thoughts of suicide.

“If I knew that this would backfire in the way that it did and it would hurt people the way that it did, I would never want to do that again,” Michele expressed.


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19 thoughts on “Chrisette Michele: ‘I Offended Millions Of People’

  1. Khafee on said:

    PL :
    With all due respect, as black folks, we have bigger fish to fry. Two singers supporting Trump doesn’t put us in any deeper of a whole than we’re already in. We’ve had atrocities committed against us, and yet some of us seem to find it in their hearts to forgive the perpetrators– and I don’t believe they ever apologized. As a matter of fact, we go to work every day skinning and grinning in their faces. So, please…. Let’s come back down to earth and use some common sense. Furthermore, if God condemned us for every bad decision we made, honey you wouldn’t be alive to “live with it”. It’s ONLY because of forgiveness and grace that we can.

  2. It’s not that deep. Her actions just turned a lot of people off. I think she is a fabulous singer and talent, but i’m not intrigued by her anymore. No animosity here, just turned off. She probably did what was best for her financially. But at the time this took place the idiot orangutan was so obviously racist and vile and not for our people, that whether she voted for him or not doesn’t even matter. Singing for him visually said “I support this guy”. It was just not a good look. We all have choices and we have to live with them. Unfortunately for her the music industry isn’t doing too well and is flooded with similar acts.Soooo…!

  3. Khafee on said:

    I understand the anger over Chrisette Michelle and Tina Campbell supporting Trump. However, they did not commit a cardinal sin. Let’s not be so self-righteous and sanctimonious and forget that we have all made a bad decision (or several) in our lives. They are no different. Acknowledging the offense and apologizing is all that Chrisette Michelle can do —and she did. Furthermore, I’m willing to bet that every one of you have forgiven people in your lives (boyfriends, husbands, children, parents, etc.) that have committed far more serious offenses. They probably didn’t even deserve forgiveness, but you forgave them anyway. So, let’s come down from off our golden pedestals and cut her some slack. Trump and his cohorts and white supremacy are the real enemies and that’s where the focus should be.

    Also, I have more respect for Chrisette Michelle because she was woman enough to own and express regret for her decision. Tina Campbell, on the other hand, was very arrogant and dismissive and she made no attempt to understand how her decision impacted her fan base. So, not supporting her is understandable. But, Chrisette Michelle came to terms with everything. I think we need to accept that she made a mistake and not continue to browbeat her. It’s been dealt with, she heard us loud and clear, now let’s allow her to heal

  4. Passing Through!! on said:

    @kaydee1966 on November 2, 2017 at 1:09 pm said:

    “Negro”? Okay I see..You’re just a dumb ass cracka with nothing else to do but involve yourself with issues relating to the Black race

    Thank you Kaydee! And he think we’re dumb enough to believe he’s black and that we would be better off joining the KKK.

  5. specialt757 on said:

    “This is a free country and I make my own decisions and if the black community cannot accept that to hell with them. Hold your head up and stand by your decisions…” Well surprisingly she’s right back here in the black community practically begging us to forgive her for her past discretions against her race, YES I said it. While I’m not sure who she voted for, some say Hillary, that would be a dem vote. However, she sold her soul to the republikkklan devils by accepting an invite from a racist who couldn’t even be bother show up when she performed (btw #45 doesn’t know she exists). Even when black people warned her she was committing career suicide. She can miss me wit it, I like her music and if it came on the radio I wouldn’t change the channel, but it’s high unlikely I would buy her album, never have.
    I bet not one person in that room the night she performed even knew who she was, or what song she sang. You know why? Because they couldn’t care any less about her ass being there. She was only invited because they had to show, yep black people support trump too, and they needed to add color to the room. One black out of every 3,933,637 black person likes him, unfortunately they both come on this site every freakin’ day.

  6. hoodtechie on said:

    We must not submit to the pressure of blacks who wanted hillary to win, she lost so get over it.I vote for what’s in my best interest for me and hillary was not the answer.So many of our black brothers/sisters are being pimped by the democratic party and look at our situation. I’m glad she sung at the inauguration and not got lock step with the rest of the black community being led like kids(being told who to vote for, what to do or not to do).This is a free country and I make my own decisions and if the black community cannot accept that to hell with them.Hold your head up and stand by your decisions because at the end of the day what ever makes you happy is all that count.

    • With all that you stated which kinda left me clueless apparently Chrisette did not succumb to this so-called pressure you are referring to and did perform at Trump’s inaugural and ultimately she is not happy resulting in suicidal thoughts and an unfortunate miscarriage, Therefore your clique uplifting moral advice to Chrisette is an article too late.

      • hoodtechie on said:

        you seem like the typical negro who does as they are told and don’t have the mentality to make your own decisions(go along to get along).you are clueless because you are to scared to vote in your best interest.she is still making & selling her music ,as far as suicidal thoughts that could be from her unfortunate miscarriage which can be traumatic for any woman.

      • “Negro”? Okay I see..You’re just a dumb ass cracka with nothing else to do but involve yourself with issues relating to the Black race (and probably your lust for Black women as well) I don’t have the time to educate ignorant delusional whitey Trump supporters such as yourself so this will be my final reply as far as you are concerned. Have a nice day “hoodie” and maybe you should prioritize your 23 hour’s worth of spare time and focus on the evidence that will continue to come forward that your president, his administration and his family colluded with Russia and concern yourself with your president facing Impeachment for his Lies, Corruption, Unfitness as a leader and Commander and Chief and Treason. #NotMyPresident

    • Chastity on said:

      Your comment is so ignorant. Just because a black person votes democratic does not mean he/she cannot think for him/herself or is being “pimped”. Maybe that individual feel, as you do about voting Republi(kkkl)an, that would be in his/her best interest. If you, yourself, is black, then I have a news flash for you….Trump, like most Republi(kkkl)ans, does not care anything about your ass. His racist, bigot ass has made it very clear how he feels about minorities and women. So, if you are a minority or a woman, than you are a pure fool to support someone that could not care any less about your well-being.

  7. MariAnne Bolton on said:

    Thank GOD, she repented! For that, we MUST find it in our hearts to forgive her. We ALL must learn when to “humble” ourselves. I love you, CHRISETTE MICHELE!!!

  8. Our race is always expected to “get over it”. She was warned about the backlash before she went. When people tell you how they’ll react, believe them. I’m sorry for her medical issues and I’m sure she is/was stressed because of this but she was warned. Oh well.

    • This is not about “our race” . What she did turned out not to be good but she did not hurt blacks so the issue of blacks always being told to “get over it” does NOT apply here. She voted for Hilary Clinton but wanted to sing at the White house unlike Mary Mary who VOTED for Trump. I understand what she is saying just like what Jennifer Holiday was saying at the same thing.

      • I could be wrong but it appears you are not a person of color after reading your comment but then again…I could be wrong…anyway NO she did hurt the Black race when Chrisette took advantage of the monetary benefit by performing at the inaugural of a man who emphatically did not represent people of color as well as minorities PERIOD! A man who during his campaign openly expressed his bigoted nature from the Mexican culture to the military as well as the families of military officers. Chrisette knew all of this and decided to perform anyway and Yes, she was warned but chose to perform at that ingrates inaugural for the check. Which is why her label congratulated her on her performance in earning her inaugural check then gave her the boot. Black folks are a forgiving race but we are not a forgetting race either. A great deal of Black people who were her fans have found it too soon to forget and a vast majority do not have an ounce of compassion for her fall from grace and I am one of those people. I’m sorry she experienced the miscarriage but otherwise…Oh well

      • But was she warned about the backlash? I’m sure she was and now she’s feeling the consequences so I don’t feel bad for her. People always seem to want to do whatever they choose (and they have the right to—but we have a right to react how we choose) and then afterwards go on their “apology tour”. Bye to her and Tina!

  9. I think we need to get over this now when it comes to her. She made a mistake and admitted it and her motive for doing it was done for a different reason unlike Mary Mary.

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