Black America Web celebrates Black Music Month by saluting influential icons in the music industry

An Atlanta-area mother is upset with local police after her 11-year-old daughter was misidentified of as the suspect in a botched car theft, which led to the girl being handcuffed and put in the back of a squad car, despite offering proof of her innocence. Cynthia Hendricks told Atlanta’s WXIA that police rang the doorbell to her home […]

Back in January, then 50-year-old David Steven Bell was seen on video punching a young Black girl outside a mall in North Carolina.  Apparently he won’t be seeing any jail time for that violent crime. Bell, standing 6-foot-5 and weighing 250 pounds, was arrested after the assault on an 11-year-old girl in Asheville went viral. He […]

A Maryland 10-year-old after he brought play money on the school bus. Now, his mother is looking for answers. The Montgomery County school has admitted that mistakes were made, Fox 5 reports. Tiffany Kelly bought fake money on Amazon to help her son, Sadiq, learn to count, she told Fox 5. The play money is […]

Ani’yah Cotton is an 8-year-old aspiring actress and she already has her own show and tons of fans. “When I grow up, I want to be the biggest talk show host in history,” she told ABC13. At only 6-years-old she started the “Ani’yah Cotton Show.” Now, she has nearly 10,000 YouTube views and 1,300 Instagram followers. […]


After viewing a video of the boy accidentally bumping up against her, Teresa Klein admitted that she made a mistake.


Many Social media users are outraged over images that have surfaced online highlighting a White couple’s decision to have a photo shoot with a Black child in a cotton field. According to, the child in the photo was adopted by the couple, “And while I don’t think their decision to take this picture discounts them as suitable parents, […]


  Fourth grader Addison Captain is making headlines for her back-to-school business, a site dedicated to selling nearly 100 products to inspire children of color. “I’m not like the other kids who play video games and watch TV,” she says. “I like doing business work instead.“ Using the site Shopify, WKYC reports that Addison designs products by placing inspirational […]

Police in Georgia have released officer bodycam footage of an incident that led to the forcible restraint of a 10-year-old boy during the arrest of his father. They released the footage after a video of the incident, filmed by an onlooker, went viral on social media. The video sparked a backlash against officers of the […]

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  Alfreda went to the store to get a birthday present for her child’s friend. She decided to buy a Black doll for her child’s friend who happens to be White and received interesting looks. It raises the question of representation that Russ and the crew discuss. Don’t Miss Out! Follow The Russ Parr Show […]