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Many Social media users are outraged over images that have surfaced online highlighting a White couple’s decision to have a photo shoot with a Black child in a cotton field.

According to, the child in the photo was adopted by the couple, “And while I don’t think their decision to take this picture discounts them as suitable parents, the level of insensitivity and emotional ignorance it represents is concerning,” writes contributor Veronica Wells. “This Black child might come up against all types of racial sensitivity, growing and moving through this country. So it’s a shame to think that she would have to unknowingly confront it in her own home.”

Twitter user Madolen Lenoir‏ said: “How does someone come up with the idea to do something like that, especially in 2018? Though I may have answered my own question with the insanity happening these days.”

Another commenter noted: “WTF is going on in people’s minds today? Do they realize how stupid and ignorant they look? Do they really believe that they’re being funny! It’s almost shocking how racism seems to be a fad nowadays.”

“I don’t think that it’s any secret that Black children are the ones who have the most trouble getting adopted. So while it’s generally a step in the right direction for these children to get adopted, the work doesn’t end there,” Wells added. “Black children need to be raised differently. And for the most part, White people are not prepared to do that type of work. Mostly because their privilege affords them the ability to bypass the need for reformation in the first place. And secondly, because work is unpleasant and it would likely cause them to confront some of their own racism, antilock ideologies and more.”

Do you agree that “all parents should engage in some level of mental work”?

“Because if you don’t do this work,” as Wells points out, “you might find yourself taking an insensitive, inappropriate and low-key racist image with a child you vowed to love and protect.”

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33 thoughts on “Outrage Over White Couple Using Black Child In ‘Cotton Field’ Photo Shoot

  1. Garycarneal on said:

    Love the life given to a young lady who obviously was taken from worthless real parents…why aren’t yippy crying about where the real parents are….oh yea breed not feed…i get it…..

  2. I will put it like this: This was not a smart look to do (let them adopt a Jewish kid and have a Hilter symbol in the background and see how well that goes over. It wont); however, it does not seem like this couple did it to hate so I would NOT call them racist (at least I do not THINK). They just have to learn culture as this is with everyone when you get kid outside your race. I do NOT care what a few people within those groups think, MOST people in that group will come at you and you have to educated yourself on that culture when you adopt their kids. Look at Melanie who wore that hat in Africa. That is an insult even though I do not think she did it to offend.

  3. Beatrice Brown on said:

    If they don’t own a cotton farm I think this was done for attention they are be racist or just plain stupid.Eventually the kid will grow up and deal with them on her own the truth always comes out .Sometimes people do things for attention and shock value we got too many people wanna be famous.

    • That is not true; but our kids are more slow to adopt compare to other kids (and this girl size/age is hard to adopt no matter what the race. babies are in a high demand no matter what the race. even new born black babies get adopted fast by blacks) but they do get adopted. My mother worked in Child services for 15 years and my grandmother was foster care parent until she passed away .

  4. Mac Daddy on said:

    AAW, ignore americanize, he/she is incapable of adult, fact based debate. That is, taking a position and backing it up with fact and data. If you present a thoughtful position that is contrary to their plantation talking points, you are immediately deemed a white supremacist troll. To them, all blacks must think alike or you are banished. Oh well. #WalkAway

    • americanize on said:

      @ mac sissy you’re right you and you’re white supremacist troll friends ignore me,and by the way data and sats can be manipulated.But whats funny is of all people that comes on this site you want make people think you’re black.Ni**a Please.

  5. tedgravely on said:

    Give it a few years. That is a beautiful little girl. I won’t congratulate nor condemn the adopted parents because I don’t know if their reasons are honorable or sinister. I remember a few months ago Jennifer and Sarah Hart drove themselves and the six adopted African-American children off a ridge to their death. Who knows what was going on in their heads and that house. You couldn’t tell by the pictures. All the pictures with the adopted parents and the kids showed only their “happy face.” Let’s hope this picture isn’t an ominous sign of things to come. For that innocent child, let’s hope maybe these adopted parents own farm land. Perhaps this beautiful little girl will inherit that land from her adopted parents. Perhaps God sanctioned this and the world will be blessed because this couple and little girl will provide us an example of unconditional love. We shall see – the jury is still out. *oh and as for the ignorant comments that imagine she came from a bad environment. How about I know of a real life example of a young black high school girl getting pregnant. She decided not to abort, but with “all the parents,” made a decision to do an open adoption. The beautiful little girl was truly a Godsend because without it a successful couple tried as they might and didn’t produce a girl. That is a spoiled, spoiled (did I say spoiled) little girl. The soles of her shoes are clean. All are doing well. The coons love to imagine all blacks living in the ghetto. It makes them feel superior. You rats stink.

  6. americanize on said:

    I guess all the white supremacist trolls send each other e mails and said lets get on this time line.Thats how important it is to them to maintain white supremacy.They will come on black sites all day.There’s a place in hell for all you devils.

  7. Dee Winston on said:

    As I look at this young girl, all I can see is that she is happy. The thought that cotton was in the photo was not an issue for me. Many times we forget the beauty of living free and loving the outdoors. I’m sure that many of us have not seen a cotton field. I’m love seeing various sites! Yes, I’m AA but I don’t believe that this family meant to harm their child. When you love you love completely just as the parents love their daughter. Thanks for being this young girl’s parents!

  8. Mac Daddy on said:

    Let’s imagine for a moment what the background of the picture would be had she not been adopted. Single black mother, drug and crime infested ghetto. Zero focus on education or responsibilities

    • Or she could have been with a black family who is middle class and well respected compare to white family on meth and using her. Stop the maddens Mac.

  9. Americanize, you couldn’t make anyone’s blood boil. Your comments are laughable. Your spiel is old and tired. Most of your rants are elementary at best. I actually feel sorry for you because I’m sure you aren’t as dumb as you sound.

    • americanize on said:

      @African American Koon / white supremacist troll To say my post are laughable you always respond to them,that’s how I know ur a white supremacist troll pretending to be black,if u were black you would be a traitor to ur race which would make you a KOON but I would ur a troll.You notice I never respond to ur post in less you try to criqtic mind,b/c really I don’t give a shit what a troll post.Ok I.ll give you the last word,I have more important things to do than going back and forth with a white supremacist troll.

      • Lol…you need to go back and forth with Hooked on Phonics because your grammar and sentence structure is horrid. Instead of spending so much time obsessed with white people; use that time wisely to invest in educational opportunities. That would help you greatly move on from your feeble minded, one track, tired and lame posts.

  10. Sometimes the best intentions end up with the worst outcomes. Whether any of us present-day picked cotton or not, AAW, the connotation of these photos or demoralizing simply because of the history of slavery and the cotton fields, the sugar cane fields, and so on. And if you are so into the preservation and respect of ancestors past, then you, too, would have some semblance of anger within you. Get your ass off your high horse and stop trying to fade reality into some far-reaching dream. This photo session was inappropriate and gives this child a false sense that Black folks in the cotton fields is okay.

    • People who think small minded will always find small minded things to harp on. I’m not mad about this because there are so many bigger problems that are worth outrage. I actually have respect for our people who came before us because I focus on the issues we have that are causing us to spiral downward into nothing. A girl in a picture is not one od those things.

  11. Lady G on said:

    I see a happy, beautiful, well adjusted girl in a lovely natural environment. Leave up to haters to find something racist. Good God, stop the insanity

  12. African American Woman on said:

    This is so dumb…outraged, really? All I see is a beautiful little girl in a happy picture. Some of us act like they were the ones out there picking cotton. Most black people don’t even respect our ancestors anyway…using the N word, killing each other likes its normal, almost all of our kids being born to single parents, not valuing our education, communities or each other- all the anti beliefs of our grands, great grands and so on. THOSE are the things we SHOULD be outraged about, not a picture with a beautiful little black girl who’s being raised by a loving couple.

  13. americanize on said:

    These people are white devils this child is in danger,they are probaley raping this little girl,remember the two white supremist lesbions who murder there adopted children.And they wonder why we called them devils.

      • americanize on said:

        African American Koon / white supremacist troll Stay focus on the topic,I know I make ur blood boil,but try to stay focus on the subject.You attacking me is a waste of ur trolling mind.I,ll give ur white supremacist azz the last word.

  14. The absolute best way to deal with dumb daddy is to ignore him and his comments. Then he is rambling only to himself which is just about all incest-bred cave neanderthals are capable of. We can have dialog around him.

  15. Mac Daddy not Babby Daddy on said:

    Stop the butt hurt people and thank this generous white couple for giving this kid a chance where she had none among black folk

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