After hearing about the inspiring story of rap vet Flavor Flav beating his drug addiction, we highlighted 8 other celebs who did the same.

Veteran R&B singer Nivea has opened up in recent times about some of the struggles that led to her downfalls in the industry, but a new sit-down interview with Kandi Burress proved to be a true eye-opener into some of the extreme adversities she had to actually go through.

Singer Chico Debarge was reportedly arrested on Meth charges. According to TMZ, the arrest happened earlier this month at a Wal-Mart in Burbank, California. Debarge was trying to unlock his car with a wire after leaving his keys in the vehicle. Cops pulled up thinking he was breaking in and found methamphetamine in his pockets. […]

Former NBA star Jayson Williams has struggled with addiction and incarceration for years, now he’s helping others overcome their struggles. “I always knew I had a drinking problem,” Williams explained, when his dad was alive he kept him busy but after he passed Williams lost his structure and then “came destruction,” he said. Now, he’s […]

Wednesday, November 20th is The Great American Smokeout, sponsored by the American Cancer Society to encourage people to stop smoking. Dr. DaNette Arthur is an expert on addiction who wants to make sure people know the health risks they take by continuing to smoke and yes, even vape.  WHY ARE E-CIGARETTES/VAPING DANGEROUS? -Non-smokers who are […]

Wendy Williams addressed the “elephant in the room” while receiving her walk of fame honor in Hollywood this week.

In an interview with Chelsea Grayson for her video series for “What’s Your Water,” felon turned model Jeremy Meeks revealed that both his parents were drug addicts and he was born a heroin baby.“ Both of my parents were heroin addicts. I was a heroin baby,” he said. “So, my childhood was very, very dark. […]

WEST HOLLYWOOD, Calif. (AP) — When a dead man was carried out of Ed Buck’s apartment two years ago, members of the gay political club he lavished with thousands of dollars in political donations swiftly ousted him. Buck attempted a comeback in early January, less than six months after prosecutors declined to bring charges in […]

Terry Crews claims he had a porn addiction that nearly destroyed his marriage. The actor has been open about his porn obsession in the past but on Sunday night, the America’s Got Talent host dished about his road to recovery on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen. Crews revealed that when his “wife walked out,” […]

Perhaps inspired by the recent death of rapper Mac Miller, another rapper – Bow Wow – is telling the world about his addiction demons. He took to Twitter to warn his fans to “kick that s–t!” and “be the best you” after revealing that he’s struggled with addiction during his UCP tour with Chris Brown and while working […]

The doctor who prescribed pain pills for Prince is now the target of a lawsuit from his family, who claim the physician is responsible for his death because he failed to treat him for opiate addiction. The musician died of an accidental overdose of fentanyl on April 15, 2016. Authorities say Dr. Michael Schulenberg admitted prescribing a different opioid […]

Wendy Williams, who has been candid about her own battle with drug abuse, has now gone public about her 17-year-old son’s former struggle with addiction. When Kevin Hunter Jr. was about 14, he abused synthetic marijuana, known as K2. “Our son, three years ago, he’s 17 now, he just graduated from high school, he’s leaving for college […]