In an interview with Chelsea Grayson for her video series for “What’s Your Water,” felon turned model Jeremy Meeks revealed that both his parents were drug addicts and he was born a heroin baby.“

Both of my parents were heroin addicts. I was a heroin baby,” he said. “So, my childhood was very, very dark. My dad committed a murder when I was nine months old and killed my mum’s best friend,” he told the host. “Because he was looking for us and she was the only one who knew where we were at.”

According to the Daily Mail, Jeremy’s father, “Raymond Meeks, was jailed in 1984 for stabbing Laura Leon-Melara 36 times and strangling her in a sustained five-hour attack,” the publication writes. He was tried twice for the murder, with the first trial ending in a hung jury; and the second, ending with a guilty verdict for first-degree murder, the report states.Raymond was given a 45-year sentence, and was eventually released in September 2017 after serving 33 years.

Jeremy Meeks

Meanwhile, his son Jeremy shot to fame in 2014 after the Stockton Police Department posted his mugshot on Facebook and it went viral. Being an attractive criminal paid off for Meek, as he was able to secure a modeling contract that launched him to international stardom.

Raymond Meeks has previously said: “He’s a good looking boy and I am proud of him. To me, he was famous when he was born. He’s beautiful and I love him.”

Meanwhile, in the interview with “What’s Your Water,” Jeremy said he keeps his distance from his father because he is ‘still a piece of s***.’

Meeks spent about 10-and-a-half years behind bars in his young life, and his light-skinned mixed race made him a daily target behind bars.

“For most light-skinned people, you’re not Black enough and you’re not white,” he said, while also noting that his good looks also saved his life.

A grand theft and firearm possession conviction in 2014 would be a game-changer for Meeks, as his mugshot was posted online and went viral with appreciative women from around the world commenting on it.

His judge at the time sentenced him to 27 months, instead of the recommended 63 months, so Meeks could capitalize off his viral fame.

“The only thing that saved me, which was such a blessing, was my judge. He helped me in so many ways,” he admitted.

Scroll up and watch Jeremy’s full interview via the clip above.

 PHOTO: Stockton PD, PR Photos



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