Following Netflix's upcoming scripted series based on rapper Vince Staples, we chose 10 Black entertainers who'd also make for must-watch TV.

Inspired by 50 Cent & Floyd Mayweather burying their epic beef, take a look at 10 celebrity feuds that also ended to everyone's delight.

One person that believes they fit the criteria for hip-hop "GOAT" status is 50 Cent, and with over two decades in the game and millions of records sold the New York rap vet may be right — right?

50 Cent is the king of trolling when it comes to social media, but his recent jabs at OG pop queen Madonna didn't sit too well amongst her still-supportive fanbase and those that don't find ageism against women to be a laughing matter.


Lionsgate is reportedly exploring plans to sell the Starz network, and 50 Cent is not too pleased by this news. 

50 Cent was recently asked if he'd ever star in a romantic comedy, and looks like fellow rapper-tuned-actor Nicki Minaj was his top choice for a leading lady to play a potential love interest.


Michael K. Williams was discovered dead in his Brooklyn apartment on Monday afternoon, and it wasn’t long before 50 Cent came under fire for an insensitive Instagram post about the actor’s passing.


An ex-drug lord from New York City is suing 50 Cent, claiming the rapper stole his life story and turned it into the hit 'Power' series on Starz.


Eminem has been tapped to play White Boy Rick in the newest Starz drama, “BMF” (“Black Mafia Family”).

To celebrate the continuous progression of 50 Cent's entertainment journey, let's reminisce on some of his greatest songs to date. Happy Birthday, 50 Cent!


As a rapper, actor and entrepreneur, Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson has mastered the art of monetizing his brand. Since his official debut album, Get Rich Or Die Tryin, he made one thing clear: He didn’t just want a slice of the pie, he was after the lion’s share. While he may not be the radio mainstay he was in his younger years, Jackson has managed to make business moves - entertainment or otherwise - that have kept him in the public eye for the past two decades.

fter Fif took a swipe at the Brooklyn rapper, Kim fired back and made mention that her husband was taking care of the light work too