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I love success stories, I root for the underdog, and I’m all about doing what it takes to get ahead.   Most of my mentors have had humble beginnings and have worked hard to achieve great things. They were committed to uplifting and making a change for the better for the people and communities that have […]

My Daddy is an inspiration to me because I have seen nothing but positivity from my Dad from day one.  I was born and raised in Cleveland, but during my early childhood years, I grew up in Africa. My dad took our entire family to Africa where he was building schools.  We traveled as a family to other countries in Africa and all […]

  Petri Hawkins Byrd may be best known as the bailiff on Judge Judy but his most important accomplishment is being a father.   He explains, 10 years ago I wanted to give my kids (Then 12, 16, 18 and 23 years old) something to hold on to and let them know that I was in this […]

Dear Donald, Over 30 plus years you have been an amazing friend; endorsing my books, coming to my shows, flying me on your planes, your helicopters, and even allowing my family members and myself to stay in your house in Florida many times. So, it kinda pains me to know that my public statements about your […]

It’s still tough. I do have other children, but any Father’s Day without all your kids is tough. I have a 2-year-old that’s filled a big void that was empty in my life. But of course, we can’t replace Trayvon. Just not having my shadow around on Father’s Day, it’s hard, but we get through. […]

Growing up as a preacher’s kid in Washington, DC, I have so many fond memories of my father, the late Rev. Johnny Gill, Sr. He taught me so much and set so many examples for me that I am instilling some of those same principles with my nine year old son, Isaiah. I innately carry […]

When I think of Father’s Day and all the memories as a child, the part that sticks out the most, is that my father was always gone working  and representing the country in the Navy and my mother, Shirley, held things down at the crib. They never married. We lived in Orchard Park Projects in […]

When I became a father in 2014, it was an awakening. I finally felt like full fledged ‘adult’ for the first time. Having a daughter made me realize I could no longer turn a blind eye to so much about society that I’d simply been able to ignore up until now because I’d grown up […]

The other night, while I was unpacking the very last box from the move into our new home, I stumbled across several of my son’s grade school photographs. I was immediately mesmerized by the series of photographs that perfectly captured my son’s seemingly turbo-­‐growth-­‐spurt. As I looked at each of the photographs of my “Boo-­‐Boo” […]

It was upon maturing, relocating and reflecting, that I came to appreciate the simpler manner in which I was raised and the quiet strength you possessed. For all that you are and all that you do… This Mother’s Day, I’d like to honor and celebrate you. If I could achieve being only a fraction of […]

“A Letter to My Mom” is a book created by Lisa Erspamer which features personal letters from people around the world including celebrities! Luckily for us, you can have an exclusive look at two letters featured in the book from TV personality Shaun Robinson and entertainer will.i.am. Check them out below. Hey Mom, I just […]

As the nation celebrates Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s 86th birthday, we are immersed in an intensive, often divisive, conversation about race in America.  Sixty years after King marched through the streets, like he did in Selma and cities throughout the South, we find ourselves still on the streets battling many of these same […]