High-profile cases of officer brutality against black citizens in recent years have caused Americans to question the racial makeup of their police departments. Many advocates believe that diversifying these forces will help reduce police violence against people of color. My research suggests increased representation might not solve the problem. I interviewed nearly 200 protesters and residents of […]

Surely Lamar Jackson has put that ugly stereotype to rest, once and for all. Let’s hope we never hear again how some dynamic young African-American quarterback would be better off at another position because — wink, wink — he’s just not cut out to read defenses or up to the mental challenge. That narrative has […]

This is my final segment for the Tom Joyner Morning Show, and I actually have to say that it’s going to be the easiest segment I’ve ever done, because I’m dedicating the entire segment to Tom, Sybil, and the entire cast, crew, and team that makes this show possible.  And I say makes this show […]

As you know, the Golden Globe nominations were announced yesterday and they were extremely disappointing. At virtually every turn, Black excellence was shut out from almost every single category and despite this year having more films and TV shows directed by women than any year in film and television history, women were completely shut out […]

Good Morning Everybody! As you know, Senator Kamala Harris, who was the only Black woman running for the Democratic nomination for President, dropped out earlier this week. And I just want to have a moment of truth about her campaign.  First off, I hate the idea that white billionaires like Michael Bloomberg, are just parachuting […]

Good Morning Everybody! I have a few things that I wanna cover this morning so I’ll jump right in.  Yesterday, Trump’s attorneys announced that they are not going to participate in this week’s new impeachment hearings. Now, on some level, that’s not surprising, because they’ve refused to participate in almost all of the aspects of […]

Good Morning Everybody! First and foremost, I wanted to thank thousands of our listeners for signing our petition at and taking all of our action steps by making phone calls, sending emails, hosting events and so much more. As you all know, on this past Friday, we had two major developments in the case. […]

In just a few minutes I’ll give us an update on our efforts to stop the execution of Rodney Reed, but first I want to bring you all some great news from San Francisco. Several times over this past year I told the story of a young man who was running for District Attorney there […]

On this past Tuesday I told you about a man named Rodney Reed who is on death row in Texas for a crime he did not commit. We are now just 12 short days away from Rodney being executed and we’re doing anything and everything we can do to help save this man’s life. Just […]

Good Morning Everybody! In just 14 days, the State of Texas is scheduled to execute a man that I believe is factually innocent. His name is Rodney Reed and he has been framed for a rape and murder that he did not commit. All the way back in 1996, now 23 years ago, a white […]

I have a few news stories I wanna break down, but first I just wanted to take a quick moment to acknowledge the life and legacy of comedian John Witherspoon. I love comedians. It’s such a gift to be able to make people laugh and John Witherspoon had been cracking jokes for generations and had […]

What You Need To Know: Today is the final day of Breast Cancer Awareness Month. But for some, breast cancer awareness is every day of the year. Why We Need To Know: Thirty-five years ago today, my mother underwent a mastectomy. And for almost eight years afterward, I lived with the constant fear of the […]