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If you watched Basketball Wives, you’re familiar with the struggles Brandi and Jason Maxiell have been through in their marriage. Brandi talked about her husband cheating on her on the show but no one knew the extent until the couple aired out all of their dirty laundry with life coach Iyanla Vanzant recently, not even Brandi.

In the scene above, Jason admits to cheating on Brandi throughout their entire 17-year relationship. Brandi was aware of that, but what she didn’t know is that Jason has slept with over 50 different women during their eight year marriage.

Jason has slept with 341 women in his life, but denies that he is a sex addict.

Brandi is understandably shaken up by the revelation of 50 women. She thought that number was closer to eight women and Jason appeared emotionless as his wife held back tears.

Iyanla asked Brandi why she would stay with a man with such reckless disregard for their union. Brandi quickly answers it’s because she said “I do.”

Will Jason and Brandi be able to save their marriage? Should they even try? Let us know in the comments.

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10 thoughts on “Ex-NBA Player Jason Maxiell Admits To Cheating On His Wife Their Entire Relationship And Sleeping With 341 Women [Video]

  1. Justbeingme on said:

    Men have been cheating since the time of our ancestors our great grandparents and grandparents. And it’s not always because they don’t love their wives sometimes it’s an ego thing or their something’s that their wives won’t do that the other women will do and also because their wives let them get away with it. Because the majority of the time they don’t leave their wives for their other women. A lot of woman back in the stayed with their cheating husband because they had children or their esteem was so low they didn’t think they can do better or no other man would want a woman with children. Sometimes it’s a pattern history repeating itself because they grew up in a household where either the father cheated on the mother or the mother cheated on the father. But times changed women don’t have to put up with a cheating spouse their is always a choice and one of them is to love yourself more than you love that man. And realize children don’t keep a man or them from cheating.

  2. Lynnette on said:

    It’s sad to see how men keep cheating, and expect women to over look and forgive them, but if it was us it would take only one time and one man and they are out the door. Let’s respect our selves and let him go. Emotions like this never heal. This man has opened the door to giving his wife any and all STDs in the book, as well as HIV. This is serious and we must treat it as such.

  3. Peaches and Herb on said:

    He probably never love her just was going through the motion because when a man loves a woman at least one year of marriage he will not Cheat Damn Brandi get a backbone a live yourself first Trifling

  4. Passing Through!! on said:

    She looks like the typical fake tits, fake hair well-groomed athlete trophy. Yes, he cheats because men only see women like you as a sex object in house pu**y. Your marriage is an arrangement he married you for your looks and you want his money and at the end of the day there’s no real love just money and sex. Look what happened with Shady McCoy when he got tired of his blow up doll he hired someone to beat the breaks off of her to get her out of his house.

  5. After 17 years of marriage, discussing it on HER REALITY TV SHOW(the only thing that’s real are the paychecks), she appears on another REALITY TV SHOW looking for answers? Stop faking, she’s used to it by now.

  6. What Iyanla offers is an insight into the problem. For this couple to move forward they will both require extensive therapy. If Jason is willing, he can heal through long-term therapy some of his wounds. Brandi can do the same. There is no quick fix to behavioral problems. These problems took years to develop and they will take years to heal but the first step is willingness and courage to go to therapy. Jason seemed like someone who is willing to heal, to change and move forward. I pray he goes to therapy. Brandi seemed not as clear about who she was–or her role in the relationship. She was hiding behind the fact that she said, I DO. The truth is he was cheating before the marriage–before she said, I DO. She needs to acknowledge that she too could use some healing–and to go to therapy.

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