Although guys don't help to debunk that age-old "all men are dogs" trope, ladies aren't 100% innocent! These 7 cheating celebs proved it.

With all the cheating going on in Hollywood right now, we look back at some of the most scandalous high-profile entanglements.

DVSN stopped by 'POTC' to get the ladies point of view by way of DJ Misses on their controversial (yet viral!) new single, "If I Get Caught."

Many are grieving over the murder of ATL rapper Trouble, especially his girlfriend. The problem is, multiple women are now claiming the title!

34-year-old FENTY footwear designer Amina Muaddi decided to put all the recent affair rumors to rest by posting a lengthy statement in her Instagram Stories to deny any involvement in getting between Rihanna & A$AP Rocky.

Following Amber Rose going public with news that her now-ex-boyfriend Alexander "A.E." Edwards cheated with 12 women, the record label exec decided to not only fess up to his philandering ways but also publicly claim the act of infidelity as his basic instinct.

Tristan Thompson might as well become the next host of 'Cheaters' at the rate that he gets caught creeping on baby momma and now ex-girlfriend Khloé Kardashian. 

Melo is caught up in yet another cheating scandal, this time the mistress in question reportedly being Lee Daniels' niece Miyah J. However, there's now another woman making an even bigger claim that he's the father of her premature twins and allegedly avoiding his fatherly responsibilities.

Wednesday evening, Lena Waithe and Alana Mayo, via a joint statement to E! News, revealed that after only 2 months, they don’t want to be married anymore. “After careful thought and consideration, we have decided to part ways,” a joint statement from their reps read. “We have nothing but support for one another and ask that you respect our […]

Porsha Williams’ fiancé Dennis McKinley finally confessed to what drove him to cheat while Williams was pregnant with their only child. The tea was spilled during the couple’s therapy session on Sunday’s “Real Housewives of Atlanta.” Williams and Dennis McKinley were living apart at the time of filming but have since reconciled and raising their 8-month-old daughter Pilar “PJ” […]

Cheaters are major liars, and some of them can be super sneaky. But odds are they’ll say one of these things at some point. Cheaters often say, “I’m a private person,” and try to convince you that your friends are crazy and being haters. A cheater who has been caught before will try to convince […]

Lela Rochon took a break from Instagram last month after photos emerged showing her husband, director Antoine Fuqua, kissing Eddie Murphy’s ex-wife Nicole Murphy while the two were abroad in Italy. Murphy initially claimed they had run into each other during a film festival and simply exchanged a friendly kiss. But after being slammed online for being a “homewrecker,” […]