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Evelyn Lozada filmed a two-part apology to her “Basketball Wives” costar CeCe Rodriguez after making a racist reference to her on this week’s episode.

After CeCe called Evelyn “EVIL-lyn”, Lozada responded with “I have a problem with you. I have a problem with you, Lee-Lee.”

CeCe was confused by the term, until cast member Malaysia Pargo explained that it was a reference to a nail shop technician, which CeCe immediately labeled as racist.

Many viewers also took offense to Evelyn’s comment and a petition has since been crafted pushing for Evelyn’s removal from the show.

Evelyn took to her Instagram on Tuesday, two days after the episode aired, to issue her apology in a 2-part video, as well as a pre-written statement.

“In the heat of a verbal battle, things are sometimes said that are hurtful, untrue and totally out of character. It’s not cool- but regrettably it happens,” she wrote. “I understand why many are upset by derogatory, stereotypical reference of another woman of color-and for that I’m so sorry. To intentionally add to a pot of racial divisiveness is not reflective of my heart. I extended a heartfelt apology to my castmate CeCe Gutierrez a few weeks ago back in which she graciously accepted. Moving forward… I have to do better!”


The statement was followed by two separate clips about the incident. “Hi guys, I wanted to make this video following my statement because I know how impersonal statements can be sometimes,” she said in part one. “I wanted to publicly apologize to CeCe, her son, her family, my friends and family, the viewers of this show, anyone that was offended by my comment during a heat of the moment argument. Regardless of what was being said behind the scenes and how I felt, what I said was wrong and I should have never said that. That’s not even who I am and how I was raised.”

“I don’t want to add, you know, the world is already divided and I don’t want to be a part of that,” she continued in the second part. “That’s not even who I am, so… I’m work in progress and I apologize to anyone who was offended again. I apologized to her for a few weeks ago, we talked about it, she apologized for things she said and we both moved on. But, I felt I had to apologize to anyone else that watched the show that was offended. That will never happen again.”


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