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And of course, the Ques were there, and so was Mr. Tom Joyner, posing it up with his frat brothers and one of his two sons, Oscar, also a Que Dawg. Gotta love that legacy bonding. Impromptu photo shoots were taking place turning good-looking cruisers into models and the beach vibes were all good, as well as the weather which aside from a quick sprinkle, was as sunny and warm as the people enjoying it.

Back on ship, the rush was on to get dressed and have dinner before the second Babyface/Lalah Hathaway concert. And as it was 70’s Theme Night, you had to make sure those outfits were right. So if you saw the Babyface show through a sea of Afros, well, that was the 70’s.

Katrina Terrell from Chicago is serenaded by Babyface. 

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