If you made it to the 6 a.m. session of Afro Aqua Aerobics, you are an amazing soul. For most of the rest of us, the day started much later when we finally peeled our eyes open. The rest of the morning’s activities included Socanomics CaribbeanDance Fitness, a seminar on the ins and outs of […]

If you’ve made it this far, you’re probably tired! But you’re also creating memories that you’ll be talking about for years to come. The Fantastic Voyage docked in St. Thomas in the U.S. Virgin Islands, where Tom Joyner Day was declared. The governor of the U.S. Virgin Islands, Albert Bryan, said that Joyner not only […]

Puerto Rico! The Fantastic Voyage motored down to Puerto Rico for Day 4 of the cruise. Since folks didn’t need to be back on board until early evening, some elected for excursions. Others headed to the “Sybil’s Book Club Presents A Conversation with Drea Kelly,” who shared her testimony about her life with the embattled […]

We don’t know who the writer is for Saturday night’s Saturday Night Live episode, but we’re pretty sure they’re Black. Because not only did the skit, featuring host John Mulaney, accurately depict some inside Black cultural references, it gave a shout out to the Fantastic Voyage. This Saturday, actor and ‘SNL’ alum Mulaney was the […]

Cozumel, baby! The Fantastic Voyage sailed on down the coast to Mexico where the big event for the day was the Beach Party. Well, at least that was the big event off the ship. On the ship, for the 24 finalists of the on-board Tyler Perry auditions, today was the nail-biting, nerve-wracking day where they […]

Hey, good people. The Fantastic Voyage sailed on with another fun day at sea heading down from Montego Bay Jamaica to Cozumel, Mexico. Today started with the 8 a.m. Crazy Conditioning Class – I’d love to know who made that one because y’all are the real MVP’s. For the rest of us, sleeping in was […]

Jamaica, Jamaica! The Fantastic Voyage docked in Montego Bay, Jamaica for its first stop on land. And some folks took full advantage, heading out to partake in the sights, sounds and souvenirs that Jamaica offers. Cruisers headed to the beaches, the mountains and Margaritaville, the restaurant chain made famous by singer Jimmy Buffett. The Wolf […]

Let me share a very important piece of advice for potential Fantastic Voyage travelers. Do you currently own just one or two pieces of luggage? Are you one of those light packing, ‘I don’t want to pay baggage fees’ type of people? Because if so, you’re going to have to make some changes. One, have […]